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  1. One of the best parts of Christmas, they are just so delicious! I wonder how much I put on over Christmas when I'm back home.
  2. Nice pictures. What kind of place is that reddish/brown hut?
  3. I used to paint a fair bit when I was at college. I really must take that up again, it is very relaxing and rewarding.
  4. Got my mail 2 times planned now. 1 week in Hokkaido and 4 days in Nagano. Other than that it will be a few weekends probably.
  5. Breakfast can be the best meal of the day if done well. I can't do without mine.
  6. I got a similar desktop at home and it is just fine for what I need.
  7. Oh come on, you have to at least post a profile and some pictures. Otherwise how will we know what to regret?
  8. New jacket for me too. Very fetching it is as well I must say.
  9. I'm hoping to get out to the mountains as much as I can this year. It's too good to waste.
  10. Hello Skiing for about 25 days in total - spread over a period of about 10 years!
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