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  1. Are they sorry, and will they gambaru more?
  2. miller

    FedEx follow ups

    Why do they expect people to cough up after the fact without any explanation. I have binned some of those too.
  3. miller

    New camera or wait..

    More rumours of a possible D400 seem to be around at the moment!
  4. It's got holes in it. A bit like some cheeses. But the holes taste different.
  5. miller

    New TV - plasma or lcd?

    That goes pretty much no way to convincing me there's not a considerable wait for any real content.
  6. miller

    New TV - plasma or lcd?

    Cost aside, there is close to zero 4D/Ultra HD content now. Rather than spend cash on that, I'd get the best non 4D one myself and then in a few years things might give 4D more meaning.
  7. Not sure I'm following all that, whats the conspiracy?
  8. miller


    Places I know in Tokyo don't have any snobby attitudes.
  9. miller

    New camera or wait..

    The 80-400mm seems to be getting some very positive reviews.
  10. Well, steepness seems mixed up there so can't be that...
  11. I want it NOW, not in the "holiday season".
  12. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Nikon D7100 specs: •24.1MP CMOS sensor •6fps •No AA filter (similar to the D800E) •51 AF point, 15 cross-type •Built-in HDR function •2016-pixel RGB sensor •3.2" 1,229k dots LCD screen •Dual SD card slots •EXPEED 3 processor •ISO range: 100-6400 •Video: 1080p @ 60i/50i/30/25/24 fps plus 720p @ 60p •Compatible with the WU-1a wireless mobile adapter
  13. I just got an offer from British Airways to fly return to the UK for 30,000 yen. Amazing. They forgot to mention that there would be 90,000 yen added on to that in taxes and other bullshit.
  14. That far? Presumably with a zoom, which one?
  15. Nice. How close was the bird, muika?
  16. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Where's the D400!
  17. Sadly you're not going to get the koyo at their peak at both the city level and then up at Chuzenjiko. Wouldn't that be good! For the temple area I think probably very early November is the peak.
  18. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Well seems to have taken some very nice photos there muika! I can see how when you have access to the sexier lenses though something not as good is a comedown.
  19. I like a nice heavy and shapely glass. Not too thin.
  20. Nice commentary. Boring debate, don't know why I watched it actually.
  21. miller

    iPhone 5

    21日に発売された新型スマートフォン「iPhone(アイフォーン)5」を巡り、ソフトバンクモバイル(東京)が全国の販売店で行っている旧型アイフォーンの下取りサービスが、古物営業法違反(無許可営業)に当たる恐れがあるとして、警視庁がサービスの中止を求める指導をしたことが24日、分かった。 Softbank stopping the buy back of old iphones?


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