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  1. Love most of Mister Donuts, am also kind of glad there isn't one too close to where I live.
  2. Doing all right myself. Or should I say I was. I find it difficult to keep on eating less as time goes on. Find it harder and harder to resist...
  3. I had a fun time with a Japanese family I'm friends with. Lots of beer, sake and snacks. A bit of dancing too actually, much to my embarrassment.
  4. Somehow, "skinny" doesn't suit Western women, but it fits Asian types more. Perhaps because they are just naturally petite.
  5. Even when expectations are so low! Does that new dodgy law prevent from some things being reported, or was that just another conspiracy kind of talk?
  6. Friends are going next weekend. I'm trying to get out of a previous promise to go too.
  7. I always like early morning as well and taking a soak mid afternoon. Funny how on a workday I find it really difficult getting up. I don't seem to have the same problem with some powder out there for the morning.
  8. If the snow was the same, I'd go for Nagano no doubt for the resorts and area. Fingers crossed on the condtions.
  9. I quite fancy the idea of going there maybe even next month, fully knowing that the snow will be dirty and crappy. Would be novel escaping from the summer heat though and heading up there.
  10. What makes a car an 'eco car'?
  11. Interesting to know if people are studying at the moment. Mention whether you are living in Japan or not. And what kind of studying - books on your own? some kind of couse? I did when I first came here but recently not really done much at all. Life in general seems to have caught up, though it would in turn be enhance if I could talk more.
  12. I don't need that one either. Damn, I need to study more.
  13. Is there any kind of release date for XBox in Japan, or are they just not going to bother this time round?
  14. Nozawa ain't quite as convenient to get to as Kagura though. For such a short time, I'm sure Kagura wuld be good.
  15. Can you imagine how pissed they (whoever) would be if the other started drilling?
  16. Just my experience. I had 14man as an initial payment and that "conveniently" just covered everything. Exactly! Funny that. I didn't argue, as the place was a bit of a mess when I left it.
  17. Addiction ---- just don't do it! I know what you mean though, when you see the points piling on, you want to spend more to bring it up further. etc.
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