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  1. Originally Posted By: me jane I guess I would qualify except for the minor problem of not having a mil in the bank. What are the advantages? Just not having to renew your visa every three years? What happens if you go home for a few years? Do you have to give it up and start again? me Jane - as long as you are married and have a kid, you should be fine even without a huge bank account. You'll just need a bunch of documents and proof that you all live together etc. Got my PR last year (10.5 months of waiting)- it never expires as long as your re-enrty permits are in order.
  2. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy how much does that stuff cost to get it restored? A few hundered dollars? A grand? There are many options out there - I have brought many disks back to life at least long enough to retrieve most, if not all of the data. There are all kinds of tricks/voodoo - putting a disk in a freezer and thawing it out; putting it in a different computer etc. but you may also do more damage if you don't know what you are doing. There is software that does a pretty good job of recovering data from a disk that will still spin but if it won't spin and all you hear is
  3. The point is to realise that all hard drives will fail - and if you don't have a back up, your data is gone. (you may be able to retrieve data from a dead disk but it is very expensive.) Its not a very nice feeling to lose your data. Its only doom and gloom when your data is gone! Actually most people that call with hard drive failures are very upset and angry - not gloomy...
  4. wavehuntersjapan.com has a page of links with weather and wave predictions that people might find useful. The beaches and surf in the Taito area are only an hour away by train from Tokyo and a lot of people on here may not realise that they can hit the beaches and learn to surf (in English) in Japan. I lived in Tokyo for several years before I discovered the relatively uncrowded beaches (compared to Shonan etc) here - others may have the same experience.
  5. Wave conditions are looking good for Chiba on Friday/Saturday. Check http://www.wavehuntersjapan.com for links to surf forecasts. Its still early in the season so the crowds are not here yet on the weekneds...
  6. The surfing season is well under way in Chiba - the World Longboard Championships are June 11 to 16, at Taito Beach. If anyone is interested in joining a bunch of us for a beach/surfing/competition watching weekend, there is a great backpackers place there - cheap and great BBQs. Lemme know by PM and maybe we can start an SJ beach scene this summer.
  7. Originally Posted By: snowbender OK went and got one - a Buffalo 400GB. Seems to work fine. They all work fine - until they don't...
  8. I may be wrong in some product areas but I don't think Buffalo manufactures anything from scratch - they buy cheap parts in bulk and brand them as many other companies do - but they do honour warranties better than some manufacturers. They used to sell really crappy stuff but the quality seems better in the last couple of years. I would still not buy their routers but HDs and optical drives seem to be OK for the price now.
  9. Buffalo does not make Hard Drives - they buy hard drives and cases and assemble them under the Buffalo brand name. You may find a Western Digital or Maxtor or another brand inside - whatever they find cheap in bulk. While reliability of most hard drive brands is OK - (but some models or manufactured batches may have more trouble than others), one thing is 100% sure - all hard drives will fail at some point in the future. Back up what ever you buy!
  10. I remember steeping out of the train on my first visit to Kyoto many years ago and being completely overwhelmed by the view of the MacDonald's Temple and Kentucky Fried Chicken Shrine you can see right from the platform!
  11. Just for fun, I sent a message to support at ATT Jens Spinnet, the ISP I use in Japan, asking what the attachment limit is for email as it is not indicated on their web site. Here is their answer: "We do not put a limit on the attachment size sent from the account. However, it depends on various factors such as the capacity of the recipients' servers, the speed of the Internet connection, and so on. Therefore, generally speaking, it is advised to make the size of the attachments about 1MB or less." So even if your ISP has no limits, it important to understand that there are a
  12. Its possible but in most cases you will receive an error or bounce message...
  13. Here is a fairly easy to read guide for XP that covers most possibilities: http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=418
  14. Email technology is old, is pushing its limits and was not designed to transport large files - the more, faster, cheaper answer is to use new services designed to transfer large files - Skype file transfer is much better suited and you can video chat with friends and family while sending them your kid's 'First Turns at Hakuba' video you just made...and its free...
  15. Why strange? There have always been limits on attachments, file sizes are getting bigger, spam and virus scanning has increased greatly over the last year (its estimated that 80% of email traffic is spam) and the result is clogged email servers. Limiting attachment sizes reduces the problem and saves most ISPs money. They have not done this all at once but individual ISPs are doing this on their own accord and often do not inform customers. Correction to my post above - Gmail now limits attachments to 10MB and states that files grater than 6MB may not send due to the encoding overhead.
  16. Well here goes... In the beginning, email was originally designed for ascii text only - "attachments" had to be sent via FTP (File Transport Protocol) and you needed a separate application for this. In recent years (like the last 10), email applications began to allow attachments as a convenience, converting the files to ascii text. Email attachments still have to be encoded by your ISP to travel as email and the larger the attachment, the more work a server has to do to to convert the files. There have always been size issues with attachments enforced by each ISP (Internet Se
  17. Many ISPs are cracking down - most are imposing a 1 MB limit on email attachments. Email is not supposed to be used for large file transfers anyway - better to use Skype or ICQ or go to a service like yousendit.com
  18. I just received the free day pass I won for Happo - my Japanese is not great but it looks like the expiration date on the coupon says its good until 4/1 (April 1st). Can someone with better Japanese who has received one check this? Thanks!
  19. Office hours & breaks etc are covered by Company Work Rules which every company with 15 or more employees is required to have registered with the Labour Ministry. As long as the Work Rules are approved by the Ministry, they are in effect - but they will vary significantly between companies. Most employees have never read their work rules and few companies bother to keep them current. I have seen many different company's Work Rules but I have never seen ones that cover mandatory breaks. Ask your employer to provide you with a copy of their registered Work Rules - and be prepared to
  20. I would allow 3 hours from Hakuba to the Fuji area - you might do it quicker but it depends on traffic and road conditions...
  21. A fast driving Japanese friend says he knows when the cameras are on - apparently they are only on at certain times. He also has a film over his number plate that prevents the camera from reading it. He also has a radar detector but he still manages to get pulled over by unmarked cars and has almost enough points to lose his license. I commute regularly on the same highway route and I know where to slow down so I have never had a ticket...I don't drive as fast as he does though. Its also common knowledge (or urban legend) among drivers here that it is OK to speed when its raining bec
  22. if you use iTunes on a Mac, music will automagically cut out when you use Skype. It comes back on again when you hang up....nice..
  23. if its a video, you can open the .bin file directly with VLC (www.videolan.org) If not, .bin files don't have a single program to open them - like .doc files belonging to Word etc. A .bin file can be any kind of binary file. So it could be anything - a disk image, video or something else.
  24. Instructors often tell you to bend your knees - but think about bending your ankles and keeping pressure on the front of your boots...
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