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  1. Quote: Originally posted by lin: I've never heard anyone say anything good about Sugadaira. But Karuizawa is probably the one I hear most bad stuff about One good thing about sugadaira is that it holds the ALT footy tournament every June and Oct. So its nothing to do with riding but its a tick in the positive box....
  2. Hiya Kumapix, Nice review. One quick question, do they require you to have your own Avy gear/beacon etc?.
  3. Hiya Sweaty Sock (joke cos you beat us a rugby) Personally I would shoot straight to Niseko and bugger the cost. However, if you wanted to get some runs in before cruising up to Niseko then I recommend searching on this site for YUZAWA resorts in Niigata or HAKUBA resorts in Nagano for some early spring riding with everything easily at hand. Rough costs - lifts - 4000yen perday. Hire - max 3500yen per day (check that tho'). However, do a search for the above resort areas and you will find loads of info on this site. Personally tho' I would get to Niseko asap.
  4. Quote: Originally posted by scouser: Runcorn Ski and Snowboard Centre is class. And very easy to get to, not far from Runcorn station in sunny (and sometimes smelly) Runcorn. Yeh, "Go Backcountry" in Runcorn. Avalanches are not the problem. Losing your wallet is a terrain challenge.
  5. Europe is best bet in terms of snow but if cost is an issue check out the following which is possible in england! http://www.ldscsnowski.co.uk/ Or scotland is the other option
  6. All these big dumps reminds me of a website called something like ratemypooDOTcom. Any winners? or should that be winnits?
  7. Quote: Originally posted by Bushpig: If you are Japanese! If you are a gaijin, then you get busted do some time, lose your job, get deported back home, thus proving once again how us gaijin are driving the crime rate seriously high in this country! Dont forget the hosing at the detention centre. Just to clean yer of course!
  8. There was a show in England a few years ago by that Michael Moore geezer. He did a survey which showed that 20% of americans couldn't find the USA on an atlas. Probably worse was that 7% couldnt find USA on a map of the USA. DOHHHHH!!!!!
  9. Quote: Originally posted by Bushpig: yeah that's the kind of dodgy illegal stuff I won't get involved in either spud. get caught and it's fraud charges. Which is one of the things they take very seriously! Not just a matter of swapping a season pass with a mate. Nah its no problem. If you get caught, you go on TV, bow, say you're sorry and something along the lines of "I will think long and hard about how best to atone for causing distrust in the public...blah blah blah!".
  10. FT and others are always talking about Niseko....eh? oh?! , personally dont think its steep but each to their own.
  11. Quote: Originally posted by le spud: When you are 1.5 feet tall and covered in fur you don't get a say. Yaki-inu anyone?
  12. Yup, I used to do the lovemaking dance with the sensors. Then i got some gloves with a small pocket which fits the chip thing perfectly. Now i practise my homealone five knuckle shuffle at the sensor gate. At least its quicker...ahem!. Fits with the thread title as well!!!!
  13. This one goes around too. Time to stick up for kagura. Happo snow sucks big time compared with Kagura. Powder at kagura is (sometimes) comparable with Hokkaido whereas Happo's is always wet. I agree with Happo's quantity of on-piste terrain but the amount of people at happo makes this a pain in the ass. Weekends are ALWAYS busy at happo and I prefer going to other resorts in Hakuba if you want on-piste. Off-piste at kagura is so easily accessable and with quality of snow it wins hands down against most of the Happo off-piste. Happo does have more of the very steep stuff though. Not
  14. Quote: Originally posted by Kumapix: rest of the photos are up http://www.snowjapan.com/e/insider/sjmember.php?uid=kumapix Hey Kumapix, they are some very cool pics. Don't think I will be venturing to far of the groomers when I go cos I will be with friends who only like them. cheers anyway.
  15. Hiya Kumapix, No problems on the secret stash bits. Thanks for the info anyway. Ganbare
  16. Quote: Originally posted by Kumapix: Akakura is very big but a bit featureless. Great onsens though! The outof bounds is great but you need a local I'm going tomorrow for the weekend. When were you thinking of going? Hey Kumapix, I am thinking of a trip to Akakura this season but never been. Any chance of writing a review/report of this w.e. when you get back. Would luv some piccies. Especially interested in tree areas/ ungroomed slopes etc. Sorry I know this sounds crap but any info would be great.
  17. According to a recent survey the three hardest words in the english language to say are. Come on Chelsea!
  18. Quote: Originally posted by Bushpig: Yep, and the Aussie team can be made up of past and present cricket players. I think you are onto something there BP. Instead of snow they can use colombian marching powder and crates of beer as sleds. Then have Boon, Warne from Aus vs Botham and Fat Freddie. New Ashes??
  19. \ [/qb] I'd be more worried that we arn't all sex offenders [/QB] Good point!!....talking of which where is fattwins anyway?, not seen him post here yet
  20. Quote: Originally posted by Ocean11: I hate to be ungentlemanly, but prophylaxis would be recommended... And this is your mate?.....hate to hear you descibe a lass you dont like.
  21. Wash mine at least 10times a day (probably more!) unless i have got eye of needle sh*ts when you can probably double that. BUT at which point does cleanliness (washing hands) become manic obsessive??. Certainly thought provoking tho'
  22. Quote: Originally posted by number9: Hmm.. forecast for Kagura is wet snow with temperatures of -4/-14 for Saturday when I go up for the Shinkansen day trip. http://weather.yahoo.co.jp/weather/jp/leisure/ski/15/13117.html Hopefully it won't get warmer, especially up there. \Number 9, I did the Kagura wet snow day last month. Its a laugh as long as you are ready for sh8te snow. But be warned, even at kagura it was bad.
  23. Number9, again its only my humble opinion but I have found J-resorts to be pretty quiet on the whole with only a short wait for lifts/gondolas etc. HOwever, GALA/Ishiuchi, Naeba and Happo-one are exceptions becos they are the "famous" ones where all the cool kids from tokyo/Osaka areas like to hang out. SO if possible, I would avoid these three places like the plague on the w.e Then again opinions are like a&&holes, everyone has one. babab-boom!
  24. Ger, This does seem to be going round and round and round. So here is my two cents worth. From my personal experience (only) Niseko has best and most reliable snow, Hakuba has great terrain and easy access to offpiste stuff but the snow can get very heavy at times throughout the season and is packed on the w.e. Been to Iwate (only once tho') and that was pretty cool with some terrain and great snow and very empty. Niigata has great mix of terrain/snow quality but can also get busy. However, resorts being busy here is nothing compared with european resorts apart from maybe GALA. To be hone
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