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  1. Ok then, time for an alternative sport I think. What else can Hoikkado offer once the waters' run off? Climbing, MTBing etc, maybe even rugby? Damn I'll even take up sumo if I can.
  2. Damn, I'd heard some great things about Hoikkado too, not to worry. Non of the shipping companys have quoted me less than £500. It's looking more likely that I'll just buy one when I'm out there. My size? I'm a big 'ol rugby player weighing in at 95kgs and 185cm (please tell me they don't just stock little boats) but it's my big feet that cause most trouble with boats, so I'll be looking for something on the larger size. Does anyone know what brand boats are available and rough prices? Cheers, Dan
  3. weegeoff I'm currently staying in Bishopbriggs, just north of Glasgow.
  4. Ok, Niseko it is then. Cheers for the info guys. If there's anymore, keep it coming, it's all good. Cheers!! Weegeoff How did you manage to fly from Glasgow? I've had to drag myself to Heathrow first! I fly out on the March 24th. Will you be going to Niseko also? If so, (or even not I guess) and you don't know anyone out there either and fancy a beer or ski, let me know and I can PM(??)you my email. Dan
  5. Just wondering if anyone out there could tell me what's available around Niseko (or Hokkaido in general) in terms of WW kayaking. Is there more creeking than freestyle? How long does the snowmelt last? Where's the good stuff situated? Can I buy a boat in Japan or would I be best flying my own out? Also, is there anyone out there interested in another paddling chum to share fuel costs / beer with? I'll be living and working in Niseko from March 26th til October. I'm a better creek boater than free-styler but as long as I'm on the water I'm happy! Any help is appreciated!! Cheers, Dan
  6. Righto, here's my story: (apologies if it should be placed elsewhere in the forums) I arrive in Tokyo on March 25th and have 6 days to either bum my way up to Niseko or shoot straight up and ski for those 6 days. This'll be my first time in Japan, but considering I live in Scotland, any snow at all is a blessing so I'm not bothered if the powder isn't up to perfect standards. Can anyone give me an idea of what I can expect and where to find it,in terms of snow, liftpass costs,ski/boot hire prices and available kit, or will the season be ending and I'm better off just taking my tim
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