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  1. I said it felt like a ghost town but I mean it in a good way. They did close the kitchen half way up the mountain and it was always just locals that were there. It just had this feeling like they were just holding on to the place. I love it because just over the way is Appi and everyone and there brother goes there and don't seem to know the forest exists.
  2. This year Hachimantai had a ghost town feeling to it. It never had big crowds but it was different this year. I am not sure how they keep in business because there were a few times that we were the only people there. Either way the place still rocks for the terrain.
  3. Rag-Doll is right about the A-Frame. I love my Arbor and it helped change how I look at and approach boarding. So of the 07 Arbors coming out have a really great look to them. I think they are making a bambo board for guys this year.
  4. From an American point of view and probably covers several other countries. What is a military type? It is the kid who can no longer pay for college or has flunked out due to grades. It is the kid with no direction in his life. It is the guy who due to powers beyond his control needs to support his family and the military fits that need. It is the guy who loves action, travel or doing something against the grain. It is the rich kid who was given everything in his youth and now finds he needs to prove to his parents he can do something on his own. It is the gi
  5. Alright this kind of got started on another thread but I am curious on how people think we can stop trashing the earth, global warming and so on. Myself would love to see the major auto companies (other than Honda) take alternative fuels more seriously. Yes they are making headway but it gets frustrating as a person when major auto companies tell us (America) that flex fuel vehicles are not practical when in places like Brazil, flex fuel vehicles are Ford/GM's biggest sellers. I know autos are just a small thing in the whole scheme of things but it has to start somewhere. I also ge
  6. Techno music..... It's not music, it's a depressant.
  7. Yeah that makes alot of sense. Being that he has been president for 6 years, I suppose that means he holds the responsibility for the past 100 years of major industrialization across the world. I am not making excuses for what we as America won't do to make the world cleaner but it is BS comments that show lack of vision other than "it's Americas fault". China, India have 2 billion+ people each and their industry/autos probably have something to do with the global warming. Iran, one of the leaders of oil have a state produced vehicle that gets apporx 8 miles per gallon. Have y
  8. I used to live in Alaska as a kid and when I moved to Michigan in 1984 people would ask how I liked McDonalds for the first time or if I really lived in an Igloo.
  9. The signs that are up at Hachimantai Forest were put up after a couple of deaths last year. You still can do pretty much what you like but they do approach people more often. The snow has usually been good in the area and the bonus is the crowds tend to be smaller unless you happen upon Appi but there are so many other options than Appi.
  10. Careful, he may summon the earth to shake sometime before 29 July, 2007 0600 GMT.
  11. Yeah, the walking in the road thing is beyond old. And to top it there usually is a 2 meter wide sidewalk right next to them. Also the Japanese drivers who insist taking turns at 2 kph in hopes they don't overturn their cars. Also people who give you the evil eye when they run a stop sign and look at you like you are in the wrong. Not that I am a fan of American drivers but here in Japan time stands still on the road.
  12. Not trying to be lite on a serious subject but that looks about as comfortable as a steel wool sock to be just work around all day.
  13. I would rather have Malaria than take Larium. A good friend of mine who is the poster child of being happy and all around good guy took it and almost immediately suffered from the consequences. His depression was gigantic, cried at the thought of anything and questioned living. Once he had it diagnosed, it was traced back to the Larium. It took about 6 months for it to leave his system. Also the US Army quit using it once it was found to be the primary cause of some Soldiers who had killed their wives/girlfriends upon return from Iraq. I am not sure what the alternatives to Lariu
  14. It is used more as a joke or as a taunt in America. More than likely the dads would probably give their kids a smack for bringing them into their taunts.
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