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  1. then there's the old cunning = cheating...
  2. that's cool. Unfortunately there are just too many wankas at our school. I'd rather be getting pissed with my mates.
  3. Bonenkais bite! Luckily the bonenkai here is for the PTA and so voluntary. Just a few of us are having our own private bonenkai with some other mates.
  4. actually the exclusion period is 2 years. IF you don't make claim (actually, if you don't receive treatment) for it in the two years from commencement then the exclusion comes off. Pretty stupid really. "Oh hey! My asthma which I had to get an exclusion for, mysteriously stopped for two years! Now it's back again!" Where's the logic in that? I just stock up on my asthma shit whenever I go back.
  5. sakebomb, I dunno if you are still looking or not, but I am with interglobal and they won't cover me for asthma. They add an exclusion or something like that which allows you to claim on everything else but not the asthma. Pretty f-d up eh! Other than that though, they are very good on making claims and I haven't had any hassles.
  6. Dumping via sms? That's pretty damn low. Sorry, can't contribute with any good dumping story...
  7. Ahhh.... American Pie 1,2 & 3 Bad but how could you not laugh at the dog scene with the cream!
  8. Irwin is appealing to non-Aussies maybe because he fits some of the older stereotypes of Aussies. I think his completely over-the-top style, and completely put on okker accent actually makes him entertaining even if I think he is a bit of a joke. I don't reckon he takes himself too seriously anyway. The Hard-Gay dude? Yeah, gives me the shits big time. His trade-mark gag, gyrating his hips while saying "Whooooo!" might have been funny once, but why do most of these Japanese comedians stick to their one successful gag and not try coming up with something new??
  9. well said snobee. Movies are meant for entertainment. Not as true (and therefore perhaps boring) historical narratives. Chill out and enjoy it for its entertainment value.
  10. hey biatch! they aren't happy snaps I don't carry the camera with me everywhere I go. Would have helped in the creek though eh!
  11. I don't think people really know much about any of it. If it was an exact science then they'd be able to predict them and take appropriate measures. Everyone said after the Asian tsunami that it was extremely rare, and almost unheard of for anything like that to happen in that area. Apparently, though, they have actually had pretty devastating tsunamis periodically, but with a long time between. I don't remember exactly but I remember hearing that there was a big one in that region sometime in the 1800s. I think the point is whether or not it is in living memory. Besides, Japan being an extrem
  12. Yeah, well I also heard that they used to say Kobe was on a "safe" patch of Japan... I think the whole country is pretty much an earthquake waiting to happen.
  13. Of course it is meant to be full of cheese, but it was like they were just trying too hard and it was all cheese and just not even funny. Having said that, some of my friends loved it.
  14. Oyuki kigan, Goonies?? Commoooooooon! That was a classic! I agree with you on the Takeshi stuff, but I have to say that I loved his take of the old Zatoichi character. My nomination for pure cheese: Zoolander. What the hell were they thinking? Must have looked brilliant on paper, cos they got so many famous people to do cameos in it. But damn, did that suck! I think I cringed thru the entire movie.
  15. ah, no worries mate. Let's just send cb down ahead all guns blazing! He can feel out the terrain for us. You gonna be around again over new years?
  16. Take gamera's advice and sort out the plugs before you come. Plug adapters here are generally aimed out people going out of Japan, not coming in...
  17. a pressie for an aussie chick who is stylish? Flannel shirt and a stubbie holder!
  18. why? are you planning on doing a repeat of the creek incident??? Just for old times sake maybe...
  19. Fattwins! Good mate. Will be seein ya soon enough! Under a pile of snow there right now eh?
  20. Hehehe, I still piss myself thinking about it! "hamster boy" might have been a better name... Well, I know to go prepared next time! Plenty of spare film that is! BTW, they might like to actually grow some balls and throw people out who break the rules in the Japanese test. It gave me the shits last year that at least 15 people around the room were starting during the waiting time, and also that in spite of having clear "no phone" signs and explanations, it took 3 different peoples phones to go off before they actually did anything about it. Man that bites.
  21. Speaking of change Yama, we are all still waiting for your name to change to CB. No matter how hard you try to forget, the rest of us won't
  22. I baptise thee "CreekBoy". No longer shall you go by the name Yamakashi. We were all very relieved to get Yamakashi outta there, and we knew he was alright when he told me to take a photo of him! Hehe. He looked like a hamster trying to get up out of a plastic bucket when we looked down into the hole! But seriously, get yourself all, and I mean all, the gear you think you will never need if you go BC. FT even commented that he thought he was taking us into an area that really didn't need any of the gear! At least the fridgid water shut up the obscenities coming outta CreekBoy'
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