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  1. I bought a noSno mountain board this year which I have used far less than I've wanted to, mostly owing to injury but also the lack of suitable terrain around where I live. Unfortunately next year I'm probably moving further south (Kent - England) and the terrain will get even more bland, though I will have beaches to play around on if I buy myself a foil kite. noSno boards incorperate snowboard bindings and boots, which I really like and despite the lack of actual use, I'm still pretty glad I bought that particular product (Though it is my first off-road board).
  2. It's incredibly usefull for following threads like "This years kanji"
  3. I use Firefox. Not only is it very useful for blocking unwanted adverts with the Adblock plugin, it also had Rikaichan, a pop-up Japanese dictionary plugin. I find rikaichan very usefull as it provides a translation on Japanese text merely by scrolling the mouse cursor over it and can handle compound words and the like competently. Sure I should probably work harder at learning the Kanji myself, but untill I'm more capable its a very usefull crutch.
  4. Crazy game as far as I can tell... not that I've ever tried to get into it. Over the weekend my mums boyfriend claimed one of its greatest merits was the ability to go to sleep for several hours during a match, wake up, and have not missed anything. Boggles the mind
  5. Quote: does anyone know if you can get wireless internet anywhere at the resort or at nearby resorts? I got wireless net while sitting outside the ticket office at the base of 47 last year. Not sure if was intentional or not, and I discovered it by pure fluke but I used it to check my e-mails a couple of times on my iPAQ. I would chuckle if I saw a row of people tapping away at laptops in full ski/snowboard gear this year.
  6. I considered getting one of these for a while: http://www.ambientweather.com/orat18.html Nice and self contained, you dont need a rucksack and I could use my iPAQ to watch the videos as they both use SD memory cards. Unfortunately though, due to the massive price hike I would pay buying one of these things in the UK I decided it just wasn't worth it. You can get it from UK sellers, but at more than double the price you would pay for it in the US, and if you buy it from a US retailer and get it shipped, you still end up paying large amounts for the postage, and run the risk of bei
  7. Nah I kept me mouth shut about where it happend for insurence purposes. Like I said I just boarded down, those warnings about the cost of various rescues were up there last year as well. If it had been my leg it might have been a different matter, I imagine sliding down on your arse through deep snow would be pretty sketchy, especially as you might do yourself further damage. I did get a bit worried when I turned onto my toe edge though. With my elbow screwed I was ok heel side as I just fell on my back, but when I turned toe side I was worried about falling onto it. Nevermind thoug, its
  8. Fractured and dislocated my left elbow last year in the backcountry off 47. I unintentionally went over a small compacted drift of snow and as I braced myself to hit the ground my elbow smacked right into the trunk of a tree. Didn't really hurt that much when I did it, I was just accutely aware something wasn't right. Carried on down the mountain though, but I was sweating like a fat kid on a treadmill by the time I reached the bottom. It did get me an upgrade to business class on the flight home but when I got home and they took off the splint off I shat meself because I had pretty much
  9. Will it work as an inflatable life raft as well?
  10. Never been a goth myself but their are lots of them where I live. They have a rather irritating habit of gathering in the town centre in a group of about 30, in the same spot and doing absolutely nothing all day. Not really your classic goth though, they are more of a mish mash of goth (wearing almost entirely black + makeup) punk (The more extreme hairdo's plus doc martins) and grunge (there is always at least 4 wearing the exact same nirvana hoody) I expect they generally intimidate/irritate most people down town at weekends but that is probably the point. It would be nice if goth lolit
  11. Maybe alot of people have been "writing their names in the snow" in that particular spot
  12. Jeans or cargo trousers do it for me. Either that or nice black leather chaps - thong combo
  13. Ouch, that sux! I did about half a days riding with a bloke from New Zealand teaching in Japan. He was using step-ins with brand new, fresh out the box Burton step-in boots. We went down a mogul run with about a foot of fresh powder on it and the plastic that makes up the part of the boot the teeth grip into split. His foot popped straight out I imagine, as I was ahead of him I didn't see it. I don't ride step-ins myself as I don't think much of them but for the boots to break like that almost immediatly is seriously shabby. Alot of dodgy burton gear seems to get through the net. I wonder
  14. Exact same thing happend to me except my elbow took the punishment.
  15. I think punks used to get beat up quite a bit around the sex pistols kinda era, early punk I suppose. Back in the 70's lots of brits were still really pro british monarchy and when God Save the Queen was released for the silver jubilee ect.. I think quite alot of punks got the shit kicked out of them.
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