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  1. Hi Mike, great shots. I had no idea you were an Aberdare boy or even you were back over here else I'd have tried to hook up with you on one of your trips up the Beacons. I went on a Boxing day hike up Pen-y-Fan. It was arctic on top, about -10 degC and a good 40mph wind. Christmas day would have been the day to go up there, colder air temp, v. little wind and clear blue skies. I'll PM you with contact details should you be interested in a skiing buddy in the Beacons if we get conditions again this winter. Cheers, Gary
  2. Warning, drinking vintage single malt in Japan in seriously injurious to your wallet (more so than the UK!) On the other hand in big off-licenses you can get 10 litre (plastic) bottles of Japanese whisky for remarkably little money.
  3. {almost} interesting fact... the jelly in pork pies came about because when the gentry went out fox-hunting, ordinary pies got shaken to pieces in their pockets. By injecting that jelly it set solid and didn't get damaged.
  4. Whole deep-friend baby crabs, no taste really, just like eating crisps. Strangest (and possible most vile) thing I've ever drunk is Vietnamese snake wine. It was a bottled, mass-produced drink, not quite the skin-it-alive-and-drink-the-blood type experience you can apparently get in-country.
  5. Same tune, but the programme has changed radically over the past few years. When I left the UK it used to be pretty much only cover the world cup ski rounds, downhill, slalom etc. Now it's more of a lifestyle show, with some coverage of world cup skiing, but other stuff like celebs learning how to improve their technique and seeing how their times improve on a slalom course, articles on skiing from all different parts of the world (Kashmir a couple of weeks ago).
  6. Originally Posted By: soubriquet Quote: sunrise I like Lotus too, but isn't that Britsh? English. Colin Chapman was not Welsh, Irish or Scots. He was English. You're correct of course sunrise because English is a subset of being British, so Colin Chapman was both English and British. I became expert at drawing maps of the UK whilst in Japan to explain where I'm from because most locals weren't aware that England is not the same thing as the United Kingdom. threep, a non-English Brit.
  7. If you leave them down then first they'll freeze to the glass. Even when you free them you'll find frozen ice along great chunks length of the blade and they'll be no good as wipers anyway. Definitely used to leave up, learned the hard way.
  8. Originally Posted By: soubriquet It's a fake. Check out the date, 23rd December 2005. There was sh!t loads of snow in Hakuba that year. You are free to call Mitch at Snowbeds and ask him Yes, it is a small k-van. He had it as his screen saver and I just had to have a copy.
  9. I don't want to steal your thunder Cheeseman, but as you mentioned a Spanish cheese I thought I should mention a lovely cheese I tasted back in the summer. Cabrales A rough-rinded Spanish blue cheese. A renowned blue cheese from Northern Spain (region of Asturias) Cabrales is made from blended cow's, goat's and sheep's milk (not in winter when only cow's milk is available) . It is matured in naturally-formed caves and has a creamy texture, a complex flavor and a powerful bouquet. Cabrales is salted, wrapped in foil and matures for 6 months in natural limestone caverns. The locals are
  10. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy I often just role a die which has: A, B, C, D, F on it and see what happens...you should hear the complaints sometime. Like, at my old school last year, a 7th grade boy didnt answer one question wrong, well, technically he didnt even answer one question, so I gave him 100% and an A in my class...his classmates were pissed - you shoulda seen all the zero's the following sememster on the Final exam Ah, the old five-sided die, what ever happened to them
  11. Mass is the enemy of good fuel consumption, so by definition SUV's will always be poor in comparison to other vehicles. If we are serious about fuel efficiency then we need to wean ourselves off all the heavy bells & whistles vehicles in modern vehicles (why do people need electric seats?) and strip them back to the bare minimum. The "hidden cost" of hybrids like the Prius is the large cost associated with de-comissioning/recycling the batteries at the end of it's life. The batteries are under warranty by Toyota for 5 years with replacement costs being > £1000/$2000. I bet the repl
  12. Originally Posted By: SerreChe A friend told me he heard there are going to be some direct flights from England to Niseko this season. This sounds very surprising to me as I do not think many people would be willing to fly 12 hours when they can get to the slopes just accross the channel. Has anybody heard anything similar? I did that trip last year, though I was in Japan for 2 weeks, 1 skiing in Hokkaido and the other visiting old friends in Aichi. I wish there was a direct flight, but I have been looking and haven't found any. My trip last year was a bit of a marathon, London -->
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