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  1. Originally Posted By: Mamabear You do need to take the thing for wee-wee's every now and again .... I was in this situation last year. Ended up getting a window one as getting a proper one fitted ended up sounding like a ton of hassle. It works good, it's fairly quite and as I use it in the daytime not for sleeping I don't notice a noise at all really. And it's a small room so it cools it just fine.
  2. I think I hate it but find The Apprentice strangely watchable. Perhaps it's Trump's daughter, Ivanka. As well as seeing people slagging each other off.
  3. Wow. Bet there's a few mad guys out there wanting to light some other fuse right now.
  4. Golf ball sized hail. That must hurt!
  5. I had one of those clearouts last November. Was a real pain and took a few weekends and a mountain of stuff but felt great once it was done. Gambare!
  6. Whats that screen showing, the whole game or something? Looks like an old X Box controller with a screen that.
  7. Just seen this. The Japanese government has announced a 4 trillion yen ($48.9bn; £29.6bn) emergency budget for disaster relief, after March's earthquake and tsunami. The budget still needs approval from parliament later this month, and could be implemented in May. Authorities say no new bonds were issued to fund the spending, to prevent adding to Japan's huge public debt. The government estimates it will cost as much as 25tn yen to rebuild the country. The emergency budget is aimed at disaster relief, including providing temporary housing, restoration of infrastructur
  8. How young do kids get mobile phones these days?
  9. I didn't know there was going to be a NEW Planet of the Apes. They have released a clip of the new ape 'makeup'
  10. I went to the one in Meguro when I was in Tokyo and had a fine fine night. Great place.
  11. Does David Grohl still play drums for them live?
  12. Yes there have been a fair few pieces on the news about the foreigners totally disappearing from famous tourist places. Numbers now literally 0-10% of what they usually are.
  13. Always wondered what a field day was It's very unfortunate that it is sharing headlines with Cherynobyl which it will be forever associated with now.
  14. I see the Japanese earthquake people are saying that there are chances of an aftershock as big as M8 possible up until a year after the main event.
  15. There sounds like there are tons of Kit Kat variations out in Japan these days. Soy sauce sounds gross.
  16. I got a 3DS, well officially the gf's. Can play the DS games on it as well, so that's cool. The 3D is pretty good fun, though like others have said not for prolonged periods. Street Fighter and Pilot Wings are the ones I have.
  17. That's what I have read as well. How can they get away with publishing such utter garbage?
  18. I quite liked that modern one as well though. Sort of. Amazing visuals and some interesting little things going on. Ending was of course just ridiculous.
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