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  1. Waiting next season and doing something less planned. That's the plan anyway.
  2. I just don't get some people's sense of entitlement and where it comes from. That general attitude really does annoy me. This is spot on. Even if someone wants their freebies but doesn't want to 'join in' for whatever reason, they can easily post some stuff up here and get the ability to enter very easily.
  3. Fried bread. What a bad idea it is. But it can be real nice. Is there a diet variety?
  4. LOL Having laughed... I saw sixes going off with singles all the time in Europe. With queues!! You would want to be checking your deodorant, no? Annoying when there are real queues and seeing things like that happen. Even worse with a 6 lift!!
  5. I read that as 'I think you should share your wife'
  6. Chelsea held and the Pool lost I see. Some good games tonight hopefully.
  7. Here it is without the clicky effort Top Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke, seen as an early Olympic gold medal favorite ahead of the 2014 games, died on Thursday from injuries sustained in a training accident in Utah last week, a family spokeswoman said. Considered one of the leading half-pipe athletes in the world, the 29-year-old was airlifted to Salt Lake City last Tuesday after falling during a half-pipe run in Park City, Utah. "Sarah passed away peacefully surrounded by those she loved. In accordance with Sarah's wishes, her organs and tissues were donated to save the live
  8. The headline made me laugh The deeply competitive world of downhill skiing is being rocked by a heated dispute about plastic underwear and whether wearing such garments on the slopes gives racers an unfair aerodynamic advantage over their rivals. The row erupted last week when the Slovenian skier Tina Maze finished second at a major Austrian event only to be accused afterwards of wearing banned plastic undergarments which might have given her an edge over her competitors. The charges prompted the Swiss Skiing Federation to lodge a complaint with its parent body, the International Ski
  9. Angry Birds has its own board game, plushies, cookbook and even a knock-off attraction in a Chinese theme park, but now the massively popular mobile game is getting an official line of playground equipment and parks. Two Finnish towns, Rovaniemi and Espoo, will be getting the world's first official Angry Birds playgrounds next year, according to a press release The playgrounds are the byproduct of a global deal signed with playground equipment manufacturer Lappset. The company will make 20 different pieces of play and activity equipment as well as ready-made playgrounds, called Angry Bird
  10. What do you do for the 'kana'/convert keys if you have a completely English keyboard?
  11. Yes I read them all every day, even when I have no intention of going to most of the places covered! PS Why don't you reveal the individuals who make the posts?
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