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  1. Most movies written by Charlie Kaufman probably wouldn't fit into those categories. At least .... not neatly anyway.
  2. Pter Jackson is apparently doing an Adaptation of 'The Lovely Bones' after King Kong. Supposed to be a great book, so no doubt in his skilfull hands it will be a great movie too. Interesting concept if you haven't heard of the book: A young girl who was raped and murdered keeps watch from heaven over those she left behind, as they deal with her death.
  3. Quote: It's the constant use of acronyms that gives me the top-tits ... a real pet hate. PCMCIA - People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms
  4. I wood imagine a stereo track is treated the same way as it wood be if pumped through a 5.1 receiver - that is, it would be processed by a Pro-Logic processor rather than a 5.1 (Dolby Digital/DTS) processor, since it's a 2.0 track?
  5. Saddam is no doubt in some prison somewhere in the US. There was talk a while ago of the Iraqi people wanting him brought back to their country to stand trial for his crimes ... but I doubt that will happen. As for Bin Laden, I'd say he's laying low somewhere ... plotting his next move, laughing at the fact that the US backed him a decade or so ago when he was ridding Afghanistan from the Russians.
  6. When I first saw it I couldn't stop laughing every time I thought of all the Mac fans I know personally. It's so amazingly accurate about them. Especially the fact that these guys all pre-order the latest iGizmos to come out, then talk to each other incessantly about how great said gizmo is even before it arrives. Then when you tell them you can get the same, if not better gizmo from another company for less money, it's like they pretend they didn't hear it. Hilarious.
  7. Announcing the all new Apple iProduct: http://www.tma-1.org/funny/iproduct.html (so funny ... so true).
  8. It doesn't really need to be that tight Yama. So long as it doesn't hang over and obscure the belt, it's still sexy
  9. Star Wars creator George Lucas has said that Star Wars Episode III will be "...an emotional 'Titanic' in space." (source: http://imdb.com/news/wenn/2005-03-21/ ) The man really is a bit of a knob, isn't he?
  10. I really liked Spielberg & Cruise's last outing together ('Minority Report'), so I'm going with the law of averages. Thus, I will like 'War of the Worlds' as well (regardless of where it's set and whether Jeff Wayne's dated-but-still-funky musical rendition is involved or not)
  11. I use the Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro both at home and at work, which has the 'Natural' Keyboard Shape (heaps easier on my wrists). It works flawlessly so far. The mouse is perfectly shaped for my hand and the batteries haven't ran out in 3 months yet. I put the 'Natural' in quotes because it's been found that this shape is actually far from 'Natural'. I still think it's better for the wrists though.
  12. Yama my old Scott MTB (Boulder model) with aluminium frame could handle anything my 90kg body could throw it around at, and the only things to break were spokes, 1 head stem and 2 bottom brackets wearing out. That was X-country x-mountain type riding plus some pavement, and the bike had an upgraded fork (RST crap to RockShox Pilot) & handlebars and that was it. I guess everyone has their own story about why Alum is better than Chrom-moly or vice versa, so you never know what to pick. I've only ridden Alum since I've been serious about MTB, and never had frame problem once. New bike is
  13. I wholeheartedly agree that the natural inhabitants of Australia have been completely screwed over. When I say our culture is only 200 years old, I say it with a touch of cynicism since to most people there's practically no evidence of the Aborigines existence from outside Australia (except to promote tourism), which is indeed a sad thing. All you really see is what's evolved after nearly a dozen british ships ventured over here to start a colony. And you're right Sunrise, our PM is totally out of touch with current times.
  14. So there's no actual way to replace the internal Li-ion battery (knowing all batteries have a limited life) in an Ipod? Apple are much smarter than I give them credit for.
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