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  1. The only real record I have/keep (apart from my not particularly impressive savings) is that bank book.
  2. here: http://www.snowjapan.com/e/features/as-i-ski-it-3.html
  3. Perhaps colors going with the season. You might have heard, but Japan has 4 seasons.
  4. Back to topic is there a difference between obasan and obaasan ?
  5. the new hot hot heat album is splendid though Yes, like that good find/
  6. Any good ones to recommend? Just for research purposes of course.
  7. Do we need to do some setting up? On the site it has the below, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me (what is DHCP?) Wireless LAN Settings SSID: NRT-AIRPORT WEP: Disable *Wireless LAN Card Settings Please refer to manufacturer's instructions. Computer Settings A private address will be allocated by the DHCP server and a connection can be made without changing computer network (TCP/IP properties, etc.) settings to DHCP. However, the browser proxy settings should be deleted.
  8. I'm actually a bit confused as to what exactly is legal and not....
  9. Looks like there was a death at Hachimantai (Iwate) today due to an avalanche at the resort - just on the news. Anyone any more info?
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