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  1. thx for the help, i will try and find out about Gaucho. hope y'all had a good blast this weekend. we headed to hunter mt. shiobara. snow was pretty average, but the park was open. i am now packing up for the season, this is a sad time.
  2. I wanna get a new board bag in Tokyo. ( i need to get my sh#t back to the UK ) I have no experience of Tokyo. Were should i head? thx in advance
  3. of course, i plan one last blast to Hunter mt, Shiobara. park is still open!
  4. You can get some snow on the glaciers. There are some board camps that use, Tignes, Val Thoren, It is all glacier stuff, but it is not impossible. Nice picture of the chute,
  5. Hunter Mountain, Shiobara was quite quiet. Conditions okay for spring
  6. Hello, I am up for it, perhaps April 9/10 or 16/17?
  7. I ride Burton Missions. They are very good bindings. They also have an amazing guarentee, i broke a base plate in Tignes last year and just rocked up to the local Burton dealer and the replaced it free of charge. Nice
  8. I hear it is possible to board down from the top. I do not have much information as i am fairly new in Japan. I know it has been done. I would love to try it, does anybody have any information on how, when etc? Or does any fancy trying it with me?
  9. I learnt to ski in Bulgaria in 1986.( still commie then ) The slope was around 100m loading with a very slight gradient. I was hooked! Everything since has been a party!
  10. Apparently Utsunomiya is capital of Tochigi prefecture. It is not a particularly spiritual place. Thanks for the hints of were the good snow lies. It seems i can get to the snow easily, I have no car but i will check out where i can get with train and bus. I have a dead easy job with loads of time to make travel arrangements . I have been pretty impressed with Japanese snow so far. Let's hope it holds up for a few more weeeks!
  11. Hello, I am new in Japan, but fortunately i remembered to bring my board. I am living in Utsunomiya, i have visit Naeba and Hunter Mt Shiobara in the last two weekends. I am thinking of going to hunter again this weekend, but were else is good? Is there somewhere i should not miss?
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