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  1. Hey I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on a good company to ship my snowboard back with. The length of the board is 160 but in it's board bag it's about 165cm. The Japan post office has a limit of 150 cm. Does anyone know any other companies that are good and cheap? Thanks
  2. Hey I just bought a new burton board and I went to Sports Deport to order some new 3 hole plates for my Kissmark bindings but the guy at the store said that kissmark don't make 3 hole plates! I'm not sure if he was just being unhelpful, but is this true? Would I be able to use another brand's plates? If not I guess I'll be buying some new bindings. Ride Teams or Burton Mission? thanks for the help
  3. Hey guys and girls, I just wanted to pick everyones brain before I head up to Niseko tomorrow for 4 days! Is there anything that people recommend besides slashing through the powder? I'm staying at Niseko Backpacker and wonder if there are any good onsens or restaurants around. Also any good places to check out on the mountain, restaurants, or good runs? Thanks in advance!
  4. I would agree with connackers on that, the Chugoku region isn't the best but it's definitely not the worst. I would say that on a weekend I would much rather go to Daisen, the Hachi Kita in Hyogo. Who wants to wait 30 mins to get on a lift! Daisen will be rocking this weekend!!
  5. This actually happened last week when I was with one of my freinds. We finished our day and went in for lunch, when we came out his board was gone. After telling the staff, they announced on the intercom about the missing board as well as having serval ski patrol look for anyone using it on the mountain (I'm not sure anyone can really spot a moving snowboard...). Anyways we left giving the staff a contact number and suprisingly someone had taken it and returned it. I'm sure that this was a random event, but I guess the japanese are pretty honest.
  6. Just wondered if anyone out there has been to Australia for New Year's Eve before? I'm heading there tomorrow and I'm wondering where is the best place to be when the clock strikes 12. I'll be on the east coast. Cheers!
  7. Hey has anyone heard of the Burton Tactic Jacket? I'm looking for a new jacket and i was on Yahoo Auctions Japan this jacket came up in my search. But I can't find any information on it on the web. I'm wondering if it's a real Burton or some rip off. Has anyone seen this jacket or have this jacket? http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n10771956
  8. I was just wondering what colour lens are good for all around. I won't be doing much night boarding. Mainly just borading in the day. I was looking at Chrome Orange or Chrome Blue. Which is better? Thanks
  9. Hey I wanted to check out the Sapporo snow festival this year. Since it's kind of an expensive ticket, I would like to get as much out of it as possible. Has anyone been to the festival? Which are the best days to go? Are there any good resorts close by? Thanks for the help.
  10. Hey Sanno, I was just wondering if you bought your Zeal goggles in Japan? I checked out the website and would love to buy a pair, but I really want to try them on before buying them. Thanks
  11. Yuki, I live in Funaoka Cho. If you haven't heard of it i'm really not that surprised because it's what I like to call do inaka! There are only about 4000 people there. It's not that bad though, because I'm only about 15 mins away from Tottori city. Where are you based Yuki?
  12. Connakers, I'm based in Tottori Ken. I'm about 2 hours away from Daisen but its definitely worth the drive to Daisen. I agree with you, I went about 7 or 8 times last year and everytime I had an awesome time. Let me know the next time you are there.
  13. Hey just wanted to see what you guys/girls would recommend for new snowboarding gloves and goggles? I went cheap last year and regret it. I was looking at buying the burton gore gloves for all around use esp. in powder, does anyone recommend anything else. Also I have a pair of rusty goggles but i'm thinking about upgrading. Is it really worth it to spend over a man ($100 US) on goggles or should I just stick to what I have?
  14. The only other place in tottori is Hyonosen. It is fairly small but good for half a day if you are craving some boarding action. I definitley wouldn't make a long journey there. Thanks for all the help. I went to daisen about 6 times last year and had fun everytime. I'm definitely going to consider Mizoho for this winter.
  15. Hi I was wondering if anyone had some good resorts that they would recommend in western Japan. I've been to 2 places in Tottori, Hyonosen and Daisen, and I've also been to Hachi Kita in Hyogo ken. Are there any other worth while resort to check out in the region?
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