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  1. I don't tan too well - I am very fair so I go bright red. It's embarrassing.
  2. Definitely - that is a great book. I've always wanted to be a cowboy for some reason (not the eikaiwa-ing kind)
  3. Half your systems resources? How so? It doesn't seem to have much of an effect here. Never heard of Kapersky.
  4. Great dogs (the alive ones). I really wish I had a dog here. Nice link there too
  5. Haven't got flu, but not well. Bad cold. So I'm in this weekend.
  6. Cannibalism isn't illegal in Germany?!?
  7. Where's the best pow you've experienced in Japan. (For the sake of getting a decent response, lets take Niseko out of the equation, ok?!)
  8. I just heard Smap singing live on the tv. I was shocked at just how really really bad they were. It was well below the average karaoke with mates performance. I just wanted to share that. Have a good weekend.
  9. Snowboarding 5 years, put on some skis last season and loved it. Skiing this season too I reckon.
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