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  1. There was something on tv about that last week. They had a hidden camera on a busy corner to see how many people were keitai-ing while driving. Big numbers.
  2. Hey I was out at the restaurant last night with a group of Japanese friends who were telling me how yummy the fish swimming around in the tank looked. "Of course", cows don't look oishii, but apparently fish do. We had an interesting conversation about it all.
  3. Where the flippin ek is klingklang? ? Japan is my fave place. Really, it is.
  4. No formal study. That part of my life is over. Thank the Lord!
  5. Add Korea to my list - a friend just came back from there and had a blast by the sounds.
  6. My friend visited a town in Fukushima that claims to have the best cucumbers in Japan. She brought me some back from there. They were quite nice. Although they just seemed like normal cucumbers to me.
  7. A bit girly that though isn't it? How about some cans of beer, fag ends, muscles and birds with big boobs?
  8. Oh yeah. Forgot to say - David Blaine is in a box...
  9. Already am, 2 full weeks off for me in Jan and Feb are the highlights.
  10. Hey why don't you 2 take your arguments to email or PMs? That might be a good idea.....
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