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  1. I can't believe it's snowing!! The temp was up to about 15C and totally took a nose-dive this weekend! Huge fat flakes, but wicked heavy.......the season lives on just a little longer
  2. I've been to both. I didn't pick a great powder weekend at Niseko, but from the pictures I've seen the powder looks just as good in Niseko as it is in Hakkoda. Since Hakkoda is only 2 hours away, it's my obvious favorite pick. But if you have to make a trip out of it and you're looking for amenities (bars, restaurants and places to stay) to go along with great boarding, I'd chose Niseko, especially if you don't speak Japanese. The guys at Niseko powder connection are great and they'll hook you up with anything you need!
  3. I agree with hem now. This is my second season at Hakkoda and it was amazing, I didn't bother going anywhere else, except Hachimantai forest a couple times and a trip to Niseko, which unfortunately wasn't the best weekend to go, but obviously there's major potential. The weather at the top can be brutal but this year I caught at least 6 days where it was absolutely clear at the top, indescribably perfect boarding!!
  4. Running outside!!!! No more treadmills:) Kayaking, water skiing (wakeboarding) climbing, hiking, camping, mountain biking, rafting and of course bonfires and BBQs on the beach!!! Yee haw!!
  5. I'm more into phrases, "mack daddy" "big dog" "that rocks!" "killer" "smack down" "yeeehaw!!" "giddy-up" etc..
  6. I post every now and again, but mostly I lurk. This thing is totally addicting and the best way to get away from the stressers when I'm at work!!
  7. I had a buddy who freaked when a mama-san walked into the bathroom to clean it while he was standing at the urinal doing his business.
  8. I have a mama-san, she rocks!!!!
  9. Yeah, Misawa is definitely a snow town! For boarding it's awesome, but I haven't been able to run outside since November!!!
  10. It's actually still wicked cold up here and still snowing big fat flakes
  11. I'm near Aomori also......looking forward to Hakkoda this weekend
  12. I think you're right db. I think people use it more to receive affirmation.
  13. Hem now, it's probably about a 20-30 minute drive from Appi. I can give you specific directions if you plan on giving it a shot! The directions are easy from the toll road exit (hachimantai).
  14. hem now, knowing Appi I'm pretty sure it'll be icy and crowded (especially on the weekends), don't have high expectations!! If I were you I'd stay with your buddies at Appi and hit Hachimantai forest.
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