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  1. Originally Posted By: rach It's terribly uncool to want your steak anything other than swimming in natural red sauces not uncool, just a shame that's all, you might as well buy a cheap steak if you want well done as by making it well done you have lost the tenderness and some of the flavour that made the steak expensive in the first place. Each to their own.
  2. My friend and I used to go to Big Boy family restaurant and she liked her meat burnt to crisp - no red or blood whatsoever, can't understand it myself but each to their own. She was adamant that it was to be well well done to the waitress, but it always came medium and she always sent it back, it was comical, you think they would have learned. The guys in the kitchen just never caught on, probably did it on purpose to upset the fussy strange gaijin no doubt.... my mother likes well done, so when we were kids and when she cooked dinner, she made everyones steak well done. It used to anno
  3. you know it is somewhat better than a famous pact that was made in my home town in the late 80's - a suicide pact. Of the guys in that pact only one is still alive. At the time it made national headlines and my town was the notoriously known as the suicide capital of the country. They went out in pretty gruesome ways too, one took a nice hot bath with a bar heater, one gave the barrel of a shot gun a blow job, and IIRC there were hangings, and slit wrists as well. A pregnancy pact is a little weird and one does worry for the future of the children as many of the sperm donors are in thei
  4. has anyone used google maps for topo? I was looking at something and saw the 'terrain' option tonight, I cant ever recall seeing it before, but anyway I clicked it and a very accurate looking 3D topo style map appeared. It has all of Japan and I checked out NZ too, it seems to be good be to be true. Goryu topo map here is Goryu in Hakuba at the highest resolution. When I go hiking now, I will take a few screen shots and print them out. Good job google To view them best, make your browser full screen and the map full screen to
  5. she's 41, he 27, she must have been doing pretty well before hand in the undersheets stakes.
  6. the worst I ever saw was on a Junior High school girl..... "of all the babies who were raped last year, how many asked for it?" she bought it for the cute blue eyed baby photo that was above the text...... p.s TP that was awesome! I love liberal countries like the Netherlands!
  7. Seems I am the only one using the fastest and most powerful browser....
  8. #1 drink is water, purified by distillation, osmosis or filter - 3 litres a day in summer. Also drink mugi, green, oolong, and sometimes "the gourmet shit" coffee like Jimmy from Pulp Fiction. During sports, drink amino supli or Aquarius ( why is there only one flavour????) Haven't touched Coke any nasty crap like that for several years now. Calpis is quite drinkable, I don't mind it if its being offered to me. Mantas the winner you know who drank only coke is not also I have met fellow boffins of his. I actually know one guy who drinks only coffee and less than a litre total a
  9. I was basing in on richter and the Iwate Quake and Hanshin one were both 7.2 Richter on the richter, I thought that Chinese quake was about 7.2 aswell but it 'twas in fact 7.8 richter, considerably more potent - touche. Moment magnitude, Richter magnitude, Mercalli, Shindo....too many scales, the former two the most difficult! I personally prefer Mercalli for a laymans scale
  10. interesting that this quake was about the same size as both the Hanshin quake and the recent Shichuan. I guess building codes are more strongly enforced in Iwate than in certain other places partly also the houses in that area are built stronger than usual to accommodate heavy loads of roof snow in winter.
  11. Originally Posted By: brit-gob I don't know when the 'unofficial' birthday is, but tomorrow is her offical one. I wonder if she prefers Niseko or Hakuba. In the land of kiwis, her unofficial Birthday is the first Monday in June, its the last public holiday until October...long time to go without a 3 day weekend and the crazy thing is that when Sir Ed Hillary died recently there was talk of making his birthday (July 20) a holiday and apprently the majority of people said we dont need a another public holiday...WTF? seeing as it the middle of the ski season in NZ am sure most snow enthu
  12. trains can be artic cold in summer, I hate the extreme range of temps so I always aim for the mildly conditioned carriage. Kintetsu trains have them, I dont know about the crappy JR lines though....
  13. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy We have our ball game festival today so no classes!!! Sweet weather too! I always have 5 classes today so Im quite happy not to be teaching, or at least not having classes. sweet weather indeed, at least I have good view of Mt ikoma out my 5th story window as I amp up for 3 back to back classes...starting with the bottom stream boys class... Rock on the afternoon though, aerobie time at the park.
  14. folding pocket knife? no that was his unused back up, the main weapon he brandished was a long dagger (even the media screwed that up, some ignorant reporter called it a survival knife and then every media agency ran with that story, there is quite a difference).
  15. you know the US has issues, the absolute disastrous mess that is Iraq, soaring fuel prices, the housing mortgage crisis, the weak dollar, weak economy etc etc at what point will even edgy voters say enough is enough, the Republicans have done a crap job, lets see what the rockstar can do. McCain is damaged goods, all the years as POW messed him up, sure he puts forward a decent enough image, but inside.... The world needs Obama to win.
  16. Raikkonen was actually really cool about it (he is the iceman afterall), he patted Lewis in the back and pointed to the pit lane lights. Kimi's Karma caught up with him after he knocked out Sutil last week. Gone are the days of Piquet senior and James Hunt punching people who take them out in races. see, told you all Kubica was going to get win sometime soon!
  17. kind of on topic....Big news in Aus today (even made the first story on BBC) - a whole bunch of dudes got busted down loading kiddie porn. ......, 70 arrests have been made across Australia. A further 20 people have been issued with summonses to appear in court where they will be charged with possessing child exploitation material. More arrests are expected in coming weeks and months. Dubbed Operation Centurion, the investigation was triggered after a hacker infiltrated a respectable European website and inserted 99 degrading and explicit images of young girls from eastern Europe, th
  18. I cant turn off the hover over text preview thingy, I have tried at home (Opera browser) and now at work with the horrid IE and it still comes back! The profile then select one and zero thing is not working and resetting cookies didnt work. I really want to turn it of, its bugging me like a mosquito buzzing around my head. Does anyone like it?
  19. 6 years of cheese posts huh cheesy dude and you havent changed you tune at all, not once!
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