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  1. just to let yall know it's snowing up in northern nagano at the mo. big wet flakes, but it's sticking a little bit.
  2. Quote: Originally posted by Ocean11: they can't be bothered to carry it for 9 months, a small fraction of their lives, and look after it afterwards. i know this is an old argument, but really, laws concerning abortion are overwhelmingly written and passed by men. men don't have the chance to become pregnant. they dont have their bodies transformed for 9 uncomfortable months, possibly not to return to their prior state. they don't have to take at a substantial amount of time off from work or school (either college or high school). after the birth, if the child isn't given up for ad
  3. anyone know the origin of the malaysian flag? it looks so similiar to the american one- red and white stripes, blue square in the corner, but one big white star rather than 50 small ones.
  4. i'm going to bali next month. any good recommendations?
  5. i dunno. i think i've heard it's going thru nakano- but that could be just the track and not an actually stop. nakano and iiyama are pretty close (like a 10 minute drive) but they are on different sides of a river and different train lines (jr for iiyama, dentetsu for nakano).
  6. actually iiyama's already been building up quite a bit- lotsa big stores like besia, cainz home, plug city, heinendo, mcds, etc and the best italian restaurant i've been to in japan. yeah, they've started building it- you can see pillars in various spots. it probably wont be completed for years though.
  7. yes they are. it'll stop in iiyama- so easier access to nozawa, togari, other skijos near there. then i think it's gonna connect with the shink line in niigata.
  8. i already feel old even though i'm 25. have had flares of arthritis since high school. reason why i had to stop skiing. but it's kinda mysterious bc the docs I've seen don't know why i have it- whether it's juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, a virus, lupus, or spondylarthritis. didn't bother me for a few years so i started snowboarding here. but since last april, it's been coming back. sometimes i have trouble making a fist or straightening my legs and arms. am stiff for a few days then fine for weeks. been to the docs here, got some chinese herbal tea and pills, but dunno if they do anyt
  9. i've heard the kiso region isn't that bad. never been there myself though.
  10. i like her. i dig her music and when i saw her live and thought it was a good show. she's a strong, independent woman and i think that's cool.
  11. i leave mine on my desk and send and receive emails during the day, occasional calls. no one's said anything to be about it. not that they would if it was a problem.
  12. would that be the same as soy milk? i prefer rice milk myself.
  13. my salomon f22s rock!! feel great, love the pull tight laces- dunno if theres a specific term for that or not...
  14. plucky- yeah phoenix gets hot, but i don't think its as bad in the white mountains. but i haven't been there in years so my memory could be screwy.
  15. no, i'm not french. but one thing to keep in mind is that i'm not a sweaty person. some guys stink and need to shower. and i wear antiperspirant/deodorant and perfume. so honestly, i dont feel gross.
  16. yes- did you hear about the girl who took ecstasy and didn't want to get dehydrated so she drank so much water her brain swelled and she died? true, apparently.
  17. i think yall would change your shower views if you had a hellish one like mine. in the summer its fine, but its freeeeezing in the winter. i sometimes do db's trick of putting the towel in the dryer but the washing machine/dryers in the same room as the shower so i kinda freak out about possible electocution. i got my shower fixed over the summer so i no longer have to cradle the showerhead on my shoulder- it rests on a hook above my head now. but the water pressure is ridiculous and the room is freezing. i try to shower elsewhere whenever possible- at the gym or an onsen or friends' house
  18. you can actually ski in the white mountains of arizona. i went skiing there once when i was like 10- i remember it was really warm so people were skiing in tshirts and jeans and whatever. i swear i remember one dude in shorts. but the summers arent too hot- it gets pretty cool at night. its also a beautiful area.
  19. i'm pretty sure if you buy a one day pass at nozawa on wednesdays, you get a free 1day weekday pass. pretty cool, eh?
  20. an older guy moved in to the apt two doors down from me in the summer. my parking spot is right next to his back yard. if i saw him on the street, i would say konnichiwa or whatever. a couple of months ago on a sunday, he knocked on my door and asked to borrow 100yen. strange, but i gave it to him. he returned it the next day. then a week later, he asked to borrow 500yen. he still hasn't returned it.
  21. veronica- cheers! hotmagma- yeah i made the vid- sorry for the poor quality but like i mentioned in another thread, i had to make it about 2mb to email it. akibun- i live about an hour away- so convenient fattwins- haha... it was enkai-style with one sake dude- he never let my cup dip below being full!
  22. i love it! drink it all day at work ('cept when i'm bored and make a coffee). I even buy the stuff they sell at kappa sushi (my fav kaiten sushi place)- only 100yen for 20 bags. great omiyage when going home.
  23. yeah the quality and size of my vid isn't that great- to send via email it couldnt be larger than 2.25mb. i had to cut it down to a minute and export it to quicktime in the lowest quality setting (email vs web or expert in imovie). so i guess keep it short if you want better quality.
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