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  1. Wellm I like to eat McDonalds food occasionally.
  2. Down with spam, both the junk mail and tinned meat variety.
  3. Ocean11. I saw that too, but you're wrong on 1 point there - the discussions were all about the new product that they are planning for summer, not the current "new items"...
  4. I like your questionnaire. It's very nice. I will vote accordingly.
  5. You have missed some good conditions - still early though, lots more to come
  6. I went a few days ago and had a great time. I really like the place - it wasn't that busy, so many runs to choose from and the snow was good. All in all, a good few days and a good first time for the year. journal coming soon, after I sleep for a few days
  7. Yes, and it is an advert for safe riding. I sometimes think people forget how dangerous skiing /boarding is/can be.
  8. Surprised this hasn't got any more replies to it, seeing that other post from a while back. Great that they will be able to open with good conditions though.
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