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  1. Niseko folk, upload some vids on that new snowjapan.tv section. I've been enjoying watching all the vids over there but there are many more from Hakuba than from Niseko.. I know it's new and all before the season starts - and that I can do searches on youtube - but more Niseko is needed on there to balance it out right now.
  2. Thanks YellowSnow. A basket, I did not know that. So for a beginner skier buying poles (or whatever you want to call them), any recommendations or --- just what looks nice
  3. Exciting things, so deserve another question. You know the small round thing at the bottom of the pole. (Does it have a name?) Some are really small, some are really big. What difference does the size (and design) of that make if anything other than it just looks different? Thanks!
  4. What do you think Japanese friends? --------------- Japanese people need help to brush up on their polite language, a government panel has proposed. A report for the Agency for Cultural Affairs said 'keigo' - honorific Japanese - was being widely misused. Keigo is a complicated form of the language which involves different conjugations of regular nouns and verbs, or different words entirely. It is used to address seniors - a customer, for example - and is meant to humble speakers and elevate listeners. The government panel has proposed publishing manuals expla
  5. Just been reading about this, check this out http://asia.news.yahoo.com/050213/kyodo/d887lln80.html
  6. Anyone here use Ichitaro word processor? Just on the news here that they can't sell it anymore because of an infringement of some copyright or something. Does that have a big market still even with Office marauding most computers?
  7. All this crazy snowfall that we seem to have got in January - does this pretty much mean that we're on for a long season?
  8. Well I'll try not to abuse them... I don't have the proper technique to do moguls - I try to avoid them anyway.
  9. What can you do to save your knees? Or at least prolong their life!
  10. I felt some of that I was in southern gunma. It must have been a serious set of jolts with me being so far from it.
  11. I'm hearing lots of people talk about lifeline with this earthquake. Is this a popular generally accepted word, that everyone understands as having exactly the same meaning, or it is one of these that people use but don't know the exact meaning (even if they know generally what its getting at)? It's the first I've heard of it here.
  12. Well actually I seem to be able to get back into the swing of things really easily. No probs. Then again, I'm young.
  13. Well last year I was new to all winter sports stuff. Something I'm new to right now is wireless internet. Don't laugh at my questions, ok? I'm not very technical so they may be silly. My new notebook has wireless internet capabilities. I was in a place yesterday that had wireless internet connection and put my wireless setting to "on". Sure enough, you have a possible connection message appeared. But whatever I did, I could not get to be able to view websites. I just need to know what I am doing wrong or missing..... can anyone help?
  14. Just finished it last night! Great series, highly recommended.
  15. Just finished it last night! Great series, highly recommended.
  16. Just want to thank people for the advice in this thread - I was wondering about the same and now have backups. Cheers for the help.
  17. Battlestar Gallactica The Tomorrow People The Triffids
  18. I loved Myst and Riven - didnt even know there was a 3rd...when was that one out?
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