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  1. Badmigraine, whether you have to pay for them or not is a big factor in liking those enkais or not I reckon.
  2. Trout the word of the day is it?
  3. Yes Fattwins, but many millions of adults go and love it even without children.
  4. I went and was unimpressed. For children.
  5. Yep! A few weeks ago, although I must admit to being curious about what is on offer over the next month or so....
  6. I can't believe some of the times people put up with to get to work. Can you imagine having 4 HOURS commute time every single day?
  7. I'm almost obsessive about it after I lost some important data too.
  8. Iraq would have us believe so. Now I think they are too, but I also think that the US/UK are. And whats this crap about reporters losing their jobs for being 'unpatriotic' (by simply reporting negative things)?
  9. The kind in a boozer on Brighton Pier after mucho beer - yes. The kind in a serious 'snack' bar here in Japan - nooooooooo.
  10. On BBC just before I (half-) saw something along the lines of '1cm of snow = ?? of rain?'. But I missed it, seemed interesting. Anyone know more?
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