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  1. I am watching the TV right now and theres a music video on by a band called "Gaijin Go Go" and the song is called Skebe Baby. A couple of girls and some blokes, sounds like B52s kind of sound.
  2. My Outlook is getting overrun with spam junk mail the last week or so. Can anyone help me. I have Outlook on my PC, is there a way to block all the crap out. I seem to be deleting about 90% of what comes in the last few days and its getting really tiresome. Cheers in advance.
  3. You can talk online too? I think I'll have to check that out..
  4. What a great site and excellent forum this is, I sure wish I'd known about it before now. What's your favourite Japanese style food. Mine is soba/tempura. Brilliant.
  5. I heard someone say that the other night, a Japanese friend who claims to enjoy skiing in spring conditions more than in mid-season. Any ideas as to why that would be anyone?
  6. Anyone ever met a real geisha or been entertained by one? I'd love to know more about it all.
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