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  1. kobet


    My family dog back home died this last weekend.
  2. Thanks for that, really cool for you to do it. I just saw your new website as well - very nice. But I saw on your news page that "the main resort at ARAI will close from September 1 through December 3" - so you'll be basically closed for all of fall months? Is that an annual thing that the resort does?
  3. Sounds really good! Well done!
  4. I have not yet sorted out the philosophical problems posed by the first two Terminator movies. Someone help me out hey? As you will probably remember, T1 saw a chap travelling back from the future to prevent Arnie from killing his mother before he was born. In T2, Arnie returns as a Mk II good robot saving the woman and child from Mk III evil robot sent back in time again to destroy mother and child. But what I don't understand is why the Mk III evil robot didn't travel a bit further back in time and help Arnie do his job in T1. What would have happened, incidentally, if the Arnie robot, who seemed not to mind who he was shooting at, had accidentally killed the man who invented him before he invented him? Then he wouldn't have existed and wouldn't have been able to go back in time to kill the man who invented him, so the man who invented him would have invented him after all and nothing would have stopped Arnie going back in time to kill him before he did so. I see us getting into an endless loop here. Worst of all, what if one of the robots travels back in time and stops Terminators 1 and 2 from being made. Would Terminator 3 them be Terminator 1? Is it possible, in fact, thatthe Terminator 1 which I saw was, in fact, Terminator 3 after the elimination of the first two? That would make the current Terminator 3 Terminator 5, and I seriously doubt that I'd be able to keep up with the plot having missed 2 vital parts. Also, when Arnie says "I'll be back" in T1, is he announcing an intention, or did he stop off on his journey through time, taking a quick sneak look to ensure that he'd be back, before going on to complete his journey and make the announcement? It's a good line, but rather less impressive if he's cheated by checking that his prediction does in fact come true. Why, in any case, do the chaps who are sending the Terminators back in time only ever seem to control one of them? Why don't they send an army of them back to different points in time separated by hourly intervals, so that each one can see what dangers the previous one is about to run into and warn him? You could have one Arnie warning another Arnie that he will be killed by a third Arnie if he doesn't watch his step. At the very least, it would confuse the heroine. It was bad enough for her when she couldn't tell whether one Arnie was good or bad. Having dozens of them all advising each other would drive her insane.
  5. Heard quite a few rumors that there will be a lot of closings.
  6. ...they would be jealous of all our food!
  7. kobet

    Rainy season

    Call me mad, but I actually like the sounds of strong rain and wind when I'm all tucked up in bed. I hate rainy season though.
  8. kobet

    Super 12

    No thanks!!
  9. I always dread something bad happening at home to someone in my family and having to make rush arrangements, not being there, only being there for a week or so, etc etc. That happened to anyone here? Must be terrible....
  10. Go TeamZ. SOunds awesome. Lots of us are jealous.
  11. Typically, what do all the winter staff do in the 6 months they're not at ARAI? Arubaito, dossing, farmers??
  12. kobet


    Smoking is one of the few things that I really hate about Japan. The 'non smoking sections' in many restaurants are just a joke.
  13. kobet

    Best bento!

    Kobe Beef Bento... the ultimate in luxury bento! Tasty tasty, very very tasty, they're very tasty!


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