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  1. A fair number of the 'bigger resort', lets say in the top 100 size-wise, nay top 50, are not interested in the mendo involved in actively appealing to the international market.
  2. I was not talking about Niseko. Or Hakuba. Or Nozawa. I'm talking about most of the other hundreds of places in Japan.
  3. We've had this before but for all but the biggest skijo, the potential 'nternational skiing market is not big enough to warrant the mendo involved in proactively appealing to it. Some places obviously feel that the mass Japanese market don't want the image of 'too much snow'. However silly that is/sounds.
  4. That is good news, I think it will make a big difference cutting out that wiggly road.
  5. Do remember though, good folks.... You aren't allowed to say anything in the least bit negative - otherwise you'll get caught out for being hateful and vitriolic. And amaze people with the extremity of your naughty comments. But, you are allowed to go over the top in the other direction. That's encouraged. I wonder why. Go figure. As for those Awards, they're a joke but yeah of course you can't blame a business for using it - but I don't think anyone suggested otherwise.
  6. Seems like china wants to up the talk China has tried to establish its authority over Japanese-controlled islands in the East China sea by demanding that all aircraft flying in the region obey its rules or face "emergency defensive measures". The East China sea air defense identification zone came into effect from 10am local time on Saturday when the Chinese defence ministry issued a map of the area, which includes the uninhabited East China sea islands. The ministry said all aircraft entering the zone must notify Chinese authorities and warned they would be subject to emergency mi
  7. What a ridiculous comment. Virtiol?! Focus in on a few comments which are far outweighed by the positive ones? And even then some/lots of probably said in jest. Way too sensitive.
  8. Don't know about resort, it's going to mean different things to different people. In the other thread, Katsura was accused of not being a resort. We'll, I would say it is.
  9. Let's hope they are as wrong as lots of forecasts over the last few weeks have been.
  10. This has got to be one of the bigger closing news up until now. I would guess that Kandatsu will be back.
  11. Take tons of photos when you move into a new rental place. Take tons of photos when you move into a new rental place. Take tons of photos when you move into a new rental place.
  12. It's unfortunately one of those areas that is really vague. They say it will cost them 60 man but you pay 21 man. They thing they are doing you a favour. You obviously don't. It's impossible to say in your case of course without knowing details, but lots of people leaving a place need to pay something for damages.
  13. Isn't it like a free paper? They're always great aren't they?
  14. I'm always curious about comments like that. "If you know where to go". So, don't want to share in public? If not, then why mention that in public? An honest question.
  15. Both the old and newer Total Recall. Well, much prefer the original.
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