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  1. No. I just have the season pass that's it. I have the season pass in my armband so they can see it and that is it. Other resorts maybe different, but at Sun Meadows that is the system. I wasn't talking about you. You have already told us that you don't need to exchange it.
  2. They inspect your season pass and give you a day ticket, surely.
  3. I am going to hopefully get to visit the majestic and legendary Mt Granview this season.
  4. We're talking about the international ski market + Japan. Big difference. The Japan bit is rather important there, you know. I'm not an 'expert' on the ski industry in Japan, though I reckon I know a good deal more than you. Neither are you. You may know a fair bit about Niseko (well, up until you lived there anyway). But you haven't got much of a clue about the rest of Japan. Though you obviously think you have.
  5. Teaching English? I don't teach English. Shows how much you know about me. (ie. Nothing). I was using it as one example pointing out your - lack of - credentials regarding Japan. I know Niseko well, but you probably know it better than I do. Having said that, I had been to Niseko a few times before you ever came to Japan. But you apparently know very little else about Japan.
  6. As muika pointed out, if the prefecture gave a glancing mention to smaller resorts in the ken, they probably had almost nothing - and perhaps absolutely nothing - to do with it. So that is hardly them "actively appealing to the international market". It's handing out a bit of info. Anyway it will sure be great to see the many thousands of international skiers descending on Ludens, Yuzawa Park and Chateau Shiozawa this season though!
  7. Guess what... we have been talking about ski resorts! Not prefectures. You know, the '50' number you picked up on. Or do you mean that the guys who stood at the booth might have been handing out flyers from over 50 resorts there? Even such an insignificant thing, I very seriously doubt. You're really stretching the "actively appealing to the international market" phrase to a ridiculous limit there. Curious, is the 12 hour flight significant somehow? I suppose if a few people go on a freeby with some pamphlets on a 12 hour flight, rather than just a 5 hour flight, it really does
  8. Well yes of course I get that. But using Mr Wiggles line, "my top 50" must exclude those. 50 resorts from Nagano and Niigata sent representation to London Ski Show? Would they all be doing anything else other than that? It's just an exciting kaigai freebie isn't it.
  9. Nagano and Niigata... are ski resorts? Do you work for the World Ski Awards or something? They also seem to have some real confusion over things like that.
  10. Hilarious! Here's the guy who doesn't even know simple everyday fundamental Japanese lifestyle customs and way of life like washing before you get in a bath.
  11. Irrelevant. Even if lots of them actually tried, they would hardly get any results. It would not be worth it.
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