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  1. Are Nozawa and Hakuba too far to day trip and get there before resort opens or close to first chair? Since we will be in Tokyo, I just am not sure of we want to switch hotels and stay part of the time at a resort.
  2. Kagura sounds great. My main concern is that I read the upper mountain/lift doesn't open until later Feb and we are going end of January/beginning of February. Will the resort be worth while then still finding challenging parts of the resort, tree skiing, etc or are we going to be in green run haven in a bunch at that time of the year? If we were to day trip it from Tokyo, could you still get there first chair or shortly after or is that too difficult with the train/bus system with the timing? I assume if you did day trips, you would want to be based around Tokyo station? Is that sti
  3. Amazing some of the things you 'hear'! For convenience, the resorts in Yuzawa (Niigata) win. The main station is just 80 minutes or so from Tokyo Station on the Joetsu Shinkansen bullet train. And you have decent places to choose from. Funny dumbstick. Meant I heard there was no off piste or tree skiing allowed on the resort. Is that true at Hakuba?
  4. We will be in Tokyo on a layover arriving 1/29 at 5pm and leaving Tokyo on 2/2 at 7pm. The two of us wanted to spend a day or two in Tokyo and one or two days skiing. We would love to go to a resort or a couple resorts that have great snow, off piste or tree skiing if possible, some good groomed runs, and just a nice experience. If we stayed at the resort, we would want our own private unit. But with the amount of time we are out there for, would we be better just doing day trips from Tokyo? Also, from some of the further resorts, I believe we found flights from Tokyo to Saparro for $130,
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