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  1. Shimanes best bets are Mizuho highlands - about two hours and Daisen just over the border in Tottori at about 1 hour . Actually Daisen has a season pass deal for around 40,000 yen right now-but the patrol are a bit ****ery- teble tops are a bit strange but they get the job done! What are you doing in Matsue- Im on a wee island off the coast but I got lots of bros down for whatever- Later D- Ps avoid Matsues resident Scotsman- Simon as he is a horrible drunk( and he likes Celtic too- the bastard)
  2. Read on another thread about touques really being beanies but have to set the record straight- a winter hat often made of wool is a touque. How do I know? cuz thats what us Canadians call it- and we are the ones who get shat on for months and months of cold... hence we are the more experienced and knowledgeable about the subject- I mean if a Canadian was to say a surfboard was actually called a widgey- biscuit- what validity is there in that? Its not our call- but snow we know... therefore a wooly winter hat is a toque. I mean whatever a Kentucky boy wants to call incest with his momma should
  3. Iu sed to hate phish too- then a song called "Bouncing round the room " crawled up inside my brain and started having kittens- I agree that they are better live then any studio stuff but man that song gets me going
  4. yeah robot food- and happy hour- also the still struggling stuff is good too- but I still dig the old school-Simple pleasures when JP walker floats a little backside 3 into a little valley while "Dreaming " by blondie plays still gets me going- MY way- the arnette video old school and cranking as well
  5. Fattwins and aichi- a fellow Canuck! Born straight outta Brampton- crazy motha... well anyways moved to BC and basically folowed your scheme FT- now try to surf more than ride- but fat lines in fernie still call my name ....
  6. Good lord - I didnt realize a simple request would call my parenting skills into question- but seeing how its brought up- Of course i@m not going to leave him unattended- I dont plan on riding more than a handful of time out of the week - mostly I@ll be walking the bunny slopes trailing behind the wee man - helmet and pads will naturally be worn and as for fun- well my dad did it for me and I`m eternally grateful and judging by the shit eating grin my son had when I stuck him on the end of my longboard this summer he will too
  7. well Whistler blackcomb does thousands of kiddie lesson a year- I should know- I used to do privates for em at 400 bucks a day-
  8. Hey anyone no where I can get some gear for my wee man ? ski or snowboard doesn`t really matter- prefer board but ski would be easier to get I suppose- looked into overseas but shipping is ridiculous- anything online in Japan or other Japanese options- he is only three and we live on a Southern Island so only getting two weeks in this year- second hand is cool as well- Any Ideas?
  9. if you get a chance listen to the irony of it all by the streets- puts this argument to a rather nice back beat
  10. Just want to apologize for something I wrote here about a year ago regarding Iwanai and the tour company snowave- it was juvenile and sad- All tour companies in Niseko do a bang up job and give lots of people thrills they would otherwise never find- Sorry Peter I was a ****
  11. Not making this up- Riding in Niseko on the Gondi and asked a japanese guy what he was listening to on his oversized "Keir dillon" headphones- he then pulled out the unattached cord and smiled as he noted" Fashionu Desu" ...
  12. Beastie Boys and Henry Rollins at the old Varsity arena- it was so packed you just kinda dove over the boards and into the pit- Brisbane 1996 - beasties frank black choclate starfish etc- drove up from Byron ibn an old combi- went to jupiters for an hour and lost all but our last ten bucks then won back up to 600 bucks- snuck into the concert and hookd up with some mates who had had met some girl whose Dad owned a Pharmacy--------------
  13. Kevin jones Devun walsh the taberanac crew and whenever I land a trick - me
  14. Same as home- take the Jsba test then find a school- not too tuff if your nihongo is up to snuff
  15. Whats the dilly yo ? seems to me to be a lot of animals in there that should be better off left wild( monkeys, gophers, little fox looking things, possums ) or others that are only desirable in their genetic oddity- albino turtles bug eyed little dogs- is there any animal rights watchdogging going on here ordo all these cute little puppies get the flush when they out grow the fuzzy wuzzy stage? Anyone know?
  16. every single damn one of em- but before she kicked it Suzuki Sonoko pretty much scared the crap out of me - skeleton on a stick that she was
  17. I must concur with nulla-flows are great for convinience and comfort but I wouldnt rely on them a whole season of daily work and for the upper end of riding-real steep tech stuff and rails and the like they just have a bit too much give which leads to inconsistency when you need it most
  18. Popeye sports at about west 1 south 4-5 on the main road below the TV tower- has some good deals on older stuff at the back and occasional steals on last seasons clothes as well- also has a big indoor skate park in the basement as a nice bonus!!!!!
  19. If you get a Japanese girl friend- a classic way to learn the language- but be forwarned that girl talk is very different than manly vocab- advice given by a guy who walked around calling everyone ****chan or ***kun the first three months I was here
  20. Two resort poll- ??????- Asahikawa(?) has to be the closest thing to a real mountain - nice lines from the tram but it is a bit DIY and usually farkin freezin- the best half pipe has to be Makomanai which is cut twice a day- never busy and is 1000 yen from 5-10 pm- Teine RULES but you gotta find out where for yourself- kouksai has a nice big bowl and a fun snake run but isnt very friendly- Queensland in Tomari has a killr park and isnt busy and cheap and best of all is the little koens in Sapporo( Tenjinyamaand the one in front of HTB in toyohira )that have hits and rails for days that you can
  21. Thanks for the opinions- I have been living in Japan for two and some odd years which is also part of the equation- going back to whistler leaves me still eligible for the JET program - otherwise its over if you stay here more than three years- Actually leaning towards the Miyazaki thing as all of my surf trips have been just that - trips for a week or a month or so and it would be nice to get up every day close to it- has anyone spent time down there- what is it like (MIyazaki) I have a rough idea but let us know- I have to decide by WEdnesday so ill let you know- Thanks
  22. Okay - I am now living in Yokohama but it totally isnt working out- So after scrounging around Ive managed to rustle up two options-1- return to Whistler where I lived for 4 years and work as an instuctor or 2- head to Miyazaki for an eikaiwa job close to the beach ( never been)- both options are pretty much going to blow the budget by the time Im settled in- This forum seems to have like minded people so what do you think- I love to surf and ride and money will work out the same in either spot- What is your call
  23. I feel for you danz \ When in Sapporo I had a similar kind of run in with NTT- After finally getting my hook up for the internet sorted they informed me that because it was the middle of the monthi would have to wait til the next month for service- not because it couldnt be connected now but because their billing system started the beginning of each month- I told them fine - bill me for this whole month and lets roll - concept was beyond them- in short had to wait for the three weeks for something that woulsd take five minutes back home- Monopolies suck
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