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  1. But the Box is having a rough time of it in Japan isn't it? Lots of the games from the US don't seem to be getting a release over here.
  2. I've never made it to that place, will be good to hear thoughts on it.
  3. The days of nightmares seems to be over for the most part. It wasn't even too bad around New Year (apart from the normal U-Turn rush).
  4. It's not really a question of cost though in Japan, is it? More like - availability (or lack of)!
  5. DumbStick You coming to Japan from the US for a ski/board holiday then?
  6. Neither me, but I am sure there are lots of managers complaining.
  7. Anyone seen this up close at Korakuen in central Tokyo???? Looks amazing!
  8. I went last month. Dodonpa was breaking down for us too, but it is such a rush. Fujiyama is one of the world classic coasters - an excellent ride.
  9. Palm has improved a lot. The new Clies look really good. Even can do video now. Check this out: http://www.brighthand.com/article/NX70V_Review
  10. I wish I loved it, but I just can't. Nori. The green seaweed on onigiri, sushi. My nose and body just cannot accept it.
  11. Anyone else here collect DVD's? I seem to be addicted to buying them - a movie just costs the same as 2 movie theater tickets, you have it for life and commentaries etc. Love 'em. I was just wondering if there were any others like me out there?
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