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  1. 4th season is terrific, its not out on DVD but can be had on Kazaa WinMX etc...
  2. Actually nothing is required. not a single piece of ID. zero. Very very scary stuff but we have on multiple occasions switched someone from our group, having them use the original name (switching a name is insanely expensive) with absolutely no id check. Have we learned nothing about air security?????
  3. oops, didnt read the part about insurance not being valid, gulp! Guess i better bite the bullet and get the japanese license as even if an accident isnt your fault in japan you could still be in for damages under the shared fault system (whats up with that?)
  4. Been pulled over twice now with my int'l drivers license (a piece of advice if you get angry about paying 3000 yen one way on the aqua-line, wait until your well past the toll gate to get your car up to 200kpm) both times been a 30 second stop. Did the whole pretend youre a tourist and speak absolutely no japanese. Whatever you do, do not show your gaijin card unless absolutely demanded because thats how they figure out you shouldnt be driving here. If they ask for your Shaken or what-not youre probably done for, both times i was pinched they neglected to check the registration (first time
  5. Fav albums, here goes... Phish: Cant compare live and studio... for studio have to say Billy Breathes, Live any of the Halloween shows... Grateful Dead - Hundred Year Hall or pretty much any live show 1970-1979 Ben Harper - Live from Mars Counting Crows - Live at 10-spot/storytellers double album Dave Matthews - Live at red rocks Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon Eric Clapton - Cream of Clapton Have to agree with Danz tho commercial radio play generally sux and is getting so much worse. MTV and Clear Channell are killing music plain and simple. But best music to ride
  6. niseko is electric not sure if it speeds things up or slows em down really as often u sit there waiting for the thing to recognize.
  7. so im thinking for the first time to drive to the nagano slopes this weekend, have my snowboard rack all set up, but worried about some nitemare traffic. does anyone usually drive from tokyo and want to share horror stories to keep me from making a huge mistake and spending 8 hours in a traffic jam? or am i just being paranoid and the drive is easy peasy like in the summer?
  8. one week in jackson hole + 3 days hokkaido so 10, 3 more in niseko this weekend...
  9. requiring you to stop in the freezing cold to put on snow tires when its flurries outside
  10. was in furano, thigh deep as well over the weekend at the tops. nothing like landing at the airport in a blizzard for the spirits....
  11. Jackson Hole... Now seriously hoping for a very very white xmas.
  12. DMB is a top band, no idea why they aren't really popular here, maybe cuz its not some cookie cutter j-pop crap, but hey cant really bag too much on the music scene here as have to say they get some great bands over and have some pretty good ones here. If you have interest would happily set up some kind of B+P trade some Phish, SCI, or Dead shows for some live Dave. I dont have any DMB live so dying to get my hands on some. Its tough as cant do trades in the USA anymore as dont want to do the overseas postage. Ill make that an open invite, anyone up for some live shows? Ill do a B&P t
  13. Danz, Second nite SCI was excellent 2 sets, but the one set on Saturday was even better I think. Think by Sunday the guys were a bit tired, or maybe it was me that was tired (the 3 hour drive back to Tokyo at 1 am after the show was a killer). Saturday the band stopped by the bar in the back after the show got to meet all of em, really nice guys actually, really cared about what we thot of the set. I have copys of both nites, let me know if you want em I can burn u a copy. I got denied tickets to NYE thru the lotto (30 freaking entries only got one set of Hamptons) but thankfully thru Ti
  14. #1 - Counting Crows Brandies Univ Gym - 1997 front row rite infront of Adam and they rocked the schoolhouse. Plus taking the commuter rail there and back met some really cool girls... #2 - String Cheese Incident 2002 - Fuji Rock Festival (First concert in Japan) again small crowd for one of my fav bands. First encounter with Japanese hippie scene, and 2 nights of String Cheese man did they jam. #3 - Dave Matthews Band - Greatwoods ? Date - On the lawn for DMB for 3 hour show rite when Crash came out and they still played reasonable sized venues. Probably soon to be #1... Phis
  15. Well the safe part about Japan is that its relatively tough to get in, and seems to me that its a bit tougher going unnoticed here given all the registration and tracking they do. On the other hand the local authorities dont seem like they could catch a cold if they tried. There is a story in the Asahi Shimbun they solve less than 20pct of crimes here, lowest among major nations. If you ask me given the large number of US military, well, I wouldnt go to any of the big clubs in Roppongi (i.e. Gaspanic, not that I would go to that dump anyway). If they wanted to hit foreigners in Japan thats
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