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  1. kiwi fruit are great but u cant eat the skin thats horrid!! all fury in ur mouth! EWW!
  2. I know nicole kidman got best female actor (what a horriable speach she gave, i was embarrest for all australians arent like her!) but who got best male actor??
  3. I personally havent tryed it but a few people i know eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches?!?1 that to me is strange, anyone tryed it?? my dad eats "toungeworst" with mustard and salad?? thats just rotten.... to those who dont know toungeworst is tounges compressed together then sliced....! ARGH!
  4. Im with drew on this one... No praying, what goods talking to the walls gonna do!!
  5. you gotta remember, rainy season is basicly 1/2 hour or less of a down pour in tthe afternoon and thats it... not really a problem... its a nice cool down!
  6. ARRghhh i cant think of something i hate more than country music... its huge in Australia with Lee Curingan (donno how to spell his surname) we have some stupid country music festival in "Tamworth" every year... HORRIABLE!
  7. This is something i missed in japan....!!
  8. Ender i aggree... i voted on the passing thought that they were these teeth...
  9. mmm... i missed this topic when it came up... im lost, junk food is like... chocolates, chips (crisps), paddle pops, magnums, lollies - skittles, CCs, twisties, popcorn, pringles, pocky, tiny teddys.... and so on... Fast food yeah maccas and kfc pizza hut etc, not classified as junk cause fast food is its whole own catogory... i donno dont quote me but i dont think there is a healthy fast food!! The only thing i found in japan to eat that wasnt junk food was yoghut and cheeses and crackers and noodles, alot of the other snacks were very junkie...?! i bet thats made u all
  10. There was no panic in that artical hey, there was no it was out of control or anything! its strange im left with the slight impression it might have been a suicide mission? because there was no reason for it its is very odd..?? and all the resort said was it wasnt going to happen again and that they were deeply sorry no minute of silence or anything being done in respect of the girl? i didnt mean to offend anyone by saying that but thats what the impression i got?
  11. Check out forigen affairs website, i dont think theres many warnings out besids IRAQ!!
  12. My brother is skilankan, mum and dad adopted him (7 years before i was born) and dad loved ski lanka, he wants me to go there instead of thaliand again... He said it was amazing very tropical, i dont think it will be hard for you to find somewhere to surf just make sure that u becareful on a coral break cause if the hospitals are anything like the ones in thaliand on the islands u wanna stay away from them! check out the lonely planet web site, www.lonelyplanet.com its really good and imformative! Enjoy!
  13. No ones experianced the Koh Pha-Ngan hosipitals like i have! When drew and i were there we had a little motorbike accident my leg hit the exhaust! what an expericance! the hospitals are crazy stray dogs wondering around open air rooms,.. very strange! but i survived!! Thailand was by far the funnest hoilday i have had!!
  14. Dims i agree entirely!! i wish i had started skating or boarding younger! i started last season so i was just 20! I wish my family had have been a snow family but we always went to tropical places! But hey better late than never!
  15. YUM! nacho cheese doritos rock! but salt and vinger chips are he best!
  16. The site that i pulled that from was advertising it to be used actually on the slopes, in the parks, rails and halfpipes and carving, looks pretty fun, the leg rope i gather is for carving. The ones i have seen in shops arent quite that big they were more a skate board size, and the ski under neath was a propotionaly (??) smaller than the board its self. I gathered they were for more street skating in the winter? seems its taking off as a new sport "snowstaking!"
  17. I'd love to live in the snow so you could just cruise around on one of these... anyone got one? are they fun!?!?
  18. Its pouring here at the moment, we've had a thunder storm going on for the past 2 hours! and i am doing exactly this! sitting on the internet and watching Austin Powers Goldmember! awsomE! "i dont speak freaky deaky dutch"
  19. Wow there some pretty amazing pics at the link, along with the one drew put above!
  20. Sydney i think must be the obvious, habour bridge and the opera house..! food wise sydney dosent have much but the country areas have famous for the there are so many winerys (sp..?) in the hunter vally and mudgee and allout the country!
  21. Oh the slipper thing just drove me mental in japan whats the tradition? is there one? y would you want to wear little slippers that u cant even get ur foot in to half the time or wouldnt want to put to foot all the way in! its not so nice i imagine having your own pair wouldnt be soo bad but sharing is just nasty! I think im entirely uncultured!
  22. Theres lots of food for special occasions but not any special foods... ie.. Chocolate! thats happy! also used in Easter and Valentines day and all the other occasions. theres Turkey in america thats very tradtional for christmas! and a leg of ham is popular in Australia for christmas...along with all the other things like prawns and salads and a BBQ!
  23. Thats tragic... i really wonder how that could have happen! i mean honestly how can u not see that! they are big like a steam roller hey?
  24. yeh, i would have taken the ciggie and chucked it! smoking in front of other people is soo rude! i hate it! ciggie smoke makes me sneezy and get watery eyes! i cant handle it! silly inconsiderate people they deserved what they got, a crash tackle down the mountain!
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