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  1. Markie: Cracked ribs? Don't know if the doc gave you one, but a stretchie thing that wraps around your chest to keep it compressed really helps. Mine also healed in about three weeks (as Barok mentioned) but then re-injured in a Boarder-X comp! healed up again after that, and don't have any traces of injury (two seasons) ago. Torn ankle ligaments (two seasons ago)- still trying to heal. Friend- broke his leg last week, on a powder covered mogul course! about 10m into the run, first run of the day! pretty bad fracture. didn't know there were moguls under there, looked like a beautiful, fresh powder run. really a weird accident since he wasn't going very fast. just a freak thing!
  2. hmmm, seems like I've got a lot of mixed replies with this topic... to set the record straight, no we are not both retarded, and we don't need help! I think this might be one of those things where you had to be there! I'm not going to explain and justify everything that transpired, since like the other topic about the snowboarder that "left the scene of the crime," all the facts cannot be known to those that weren't there nor involved. Maybe my friend was a premature in his actions, but then again, maybe he felt threatened (yeah, some of you say, this is Japan, and things like that don't happen, well they DO, I've lived here long enough and seen things like that happen first hand). Japan for the most part is a peaceful society, and it is one of the reasons I love living here, but there are elements that are not so peaceful and there are quite a few individuals that take pleasure in looking for trouble (and neither I nor my friend are look for trouble). It's a fact and it pisses me off every weekend when I have to put up with retared motorcyle riders that think it is their purpose in life to wake the neighborhood at two in the morning! Anyway, to set the record straight, nobody was hurt! After talking to my friend, he also agrees, his actions were maybe a bit premature... I will leave it at that...
  3. This is a great story... also happened up in Tohoku where Japan's eyes are these days looking for the snowboarder wearing grey... My buddy (gaijin) was riding a 6-person gondola with 4 other japanese snowboarders, two girls and two guys... one dude lights up his cig, completely ignoring the signs and my friend. my buddy held some constraint, gave him a few "stink eyes" and then when the other guy lit up, just couldn't stand by and suffocate any longer. He tells the guy, "yamete" (stop that)... repeats it three times, only to have the guys completely ignore him (guess they were showing who was boss in front of their girlies). so what does my friend do? PULLS the cig out of one guys mouth and throws it out of the gondola! (not condoning littering here, it was a spur of the moment thing for effect!) well, the other guy quickly puts his out! no words are said, and as soon as they get off the gondola they speed off as quickly as they can! well... does it end there? nope! So, my buddy is keeping his eyes out for any kind of retaliation, and sure enough as he heads down the hill a ways, he sees the two guys waiting for him, watching him get closer to them. so, what does my friend do? well, he figures, there's two of them, one of me, and if they wanna start something, I better take one out quickly. best way to do that? ride into one of them! yep, he squared his shoulders and did a nice football (American) tackle! the guy flew a bit and the other guy didn't stick around and went blazing off! my buddy asked the guy if there was a problem (in Japanese) and oddly enough, the guy didn't have one! well, the group was not to be seen from again that day, even though my friend was keeping his eyes open. any other interesting stories out there? maybe the two of us will make some this week up in Tohoku (same buddy)!
  4. I saw the show last night... apparently the kid is in pretty serious condition, no movement in the right arm and right leg. the word is if the guy turns himself in there won't be any charges, but if he doesn't then there will be... the theme of the story was not so much the big crime involved, but more of a plea from the parents to put this behind him and help little Hiro understand... there was also a couple of things said by other snowboarders, which I very much agree, that because of this and the limelight given, a lot of people are presuming snowboarders are a bad lot! (which, you gotta admit, it does tend to attract the young punks! another story to for a new topic). I hope the guy does turn himself in, mainly for the rest of us. Also, remember, we live in a country (for those of us living in Japan) that is relatively peaceful, and what makes news here, would hardly make the news in other parts of the world. This was pointed out to me by my Japanese wife, whereas I was also thinking, "come on, why is this story getting so much exposure?!" but she's got a good point, there aren't very many murders here, and human drama stories (just take a look at all the programs on tv) are the rating rocket boosters, so I really think they are milking this story to capture eyeballs! btw, FatTwins- I haven't been up to Takasu for a week or so, and I'm heading up to Aomori/Iwate for the next week looking for some powpow! I'll be back at Takasu the following week! gotta read the next topic of discussion I'll open, its a great story of how punk snowboarders meet doom with the not-so-understanding gaijin...
  5. Barok ... thanks for the update... pretty much as I suspected... guess I was hoping for a miracle... yep, the parks are where it's at, and I've got a decent one nearby without having to make the trek to Hakuba... guess I can watch "Ed" now and sleep in... mahalo!
  6. Can anyone give the real deal with the pow in Hakuba for the last couple of days... ? the daily report didn't have a lot of specifics for today, and I'm trying to decide whether to make the trip tomorrow (well, actually later today...) Anyone that's been up there, please do tell... gracias!
  7. Me again... I've actually been using Burton's CFX 98-99 model up thru last year (about 20~30 days a season of hard riding). They've been great! I've replaced a few minor parts (only because I failed to check the "tightness" of the screws as the day went on... lost one). The screws do tend to come loose with hard riding, but I imagine any would (?) As long as you check them occasionally and carry a tool to tighten them, no problem. The plastic "tongue" generally needs to be replaced every season, but at about 250yen each, I haven't really had to dip into the savings... good to hear about the RIDE Team bindings... either way, I'll be trying them out. I need to find out where the Burton demo days are being held this year... any idea?
  8. Hello, Anyone out there use the RIDE Team model binding? I am about to have a pair brought back to Japan and wanted some feedback (yea or nea). I have always used Burton top 'o line stuff, but thought I would try out the competition. Also, it is probably a bit too early for anyone to have tried yet, but I'll ask anyway... how about Burton's new P1 HD (or MD)? Anyone have a chance to try it out yet? How about Burton's C14? Any comments from riders with experience using both of these brands (within the last couple of years please) would be appreciated.
  9. comments on Iwappara - just got back from there last week. If it is a snowy day, or at least cloudy with some fresh snow, it is an EXCELLENT spot for beginners verging on intermediate. It is a VERY South side resort, so it gets the full strength of the sun, which really craps out the conditions by early afternoon (excellent for the morning of course). We boarded for two days there, first day, full sun, beautiful weather, but hard packed by early afternoon. next day, 30cm of fresh powder, in fact, too much for the top, since it wasn't even steep enough to be able to cut your own lines, BUT my wife just loved it. tons of beginner runs, and the snow was fresh all day. first time she put in a full day this season cuz the conditions were so nice! also, excellent lunch buffet right in the middle of the mountain (can't miss it - big sign)
  10. somewhat agree... I also find the runs a bit too short and not quite steep enough to hold the deep powder, so what do we do, since this is where we ARE (Honshu: Nagano, Niigata, Gifu) and likely to be for most of the season? TREES! invest in a helmet and get in the trees... gets more technical and challenging (and sometimes painful) but the thrill is there. Also, when there is usually NO powder to be easily found there is somewhere in the trees. Myoko has some really nice runs, we found a most excellent (albeit not steep) tree run that lasted for quite a while (5 or so mins non-stop/no-spills) with a bunch of jumps (road traversing back and forth thru the trees), and not a tight squeeze either (big pines). there's a lot of stuff I complain about the resorts here, but when the day is done, and I've been at the slope riding instead of inside working, the riding sure was a lot better!
  11. Only way to go... conbini ramen, sushi, snickers, and beer (of course if its early in the morning, then start with the beer...) Invest in your own cannister of gas, a burner, and a teapot (this is my handle, this is my spout... yeah that's the one). Oh, and of course, water, snow takes just too long too melt... very cheap way to go. Oh, yeah, instant coffee (to use up the excess hot water). This is probably easier to manage for those driving, but you can still do it hauling around your own bags on the trains. It's a somewhat tasty, very cheap, warm, lunch. we also bring our lounge chairs and hang out in the parking lot and enjoy the scenery as well (unless of course you LIKE sucking in more second hand smoke than if you smoked two-packs of camels unfiltered eating in the "smoke-a-teria"
  12. I live in Konan, Aichi-ken (near Inuyama) and am looking for a regular group of boarders for a Wednesday day trip to a Gifu ski resort (most likely Takasu). It would be an early departure (5~6am) so depending on where you live, you may have to drive to get to the meeting place (since we may be meeting before the trains operate). If you live nearby, I could possibly pick you up (especially if you live along the way, Inuyama, Seki, Mino, Kagamigahara, etc.) Its about a 1.5 to 2 hour drive to the bottom of the lifts (in Gifu), but there are possibilities for further out (Nagano) day trips (depending on conditions). I have a Toyota town ace van, and can fit 3 others very comfortably, 4 reasonably, and 5 packing it in. I have more than enough space for gear, boards, etc. even if there were 5 others. If you live nearby, can go on that day, and are interested, e-mail me: twosittingtrees@yahoo.com


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