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  1. Call me mad but I have actually got used to and actually like the Suntory Diet beer.
  2. Amazingly, no. Don't do lines myself. I was just suggesting a good on for Those In Need.
  3. "Is that a ladder in your tights or a stairway to heaven?" A cracker.
  4. So they do actually moderate entries quickly on there. What you wrote did sound a bit like a webmaster wanting a link to his site though, le spud, don't you think?
  5. Kataoka? Where is that? Not that I know what a 4 shaku-dama might be!
  6. Wow a lot of data there. My brother had an ipod mini that broke 1 week before the guarantee was up. He took it in and they swapped it for a brand new one.
  7. Hmmm. I'm going to need a bit more than that.
  8. "Yamagata is one of the least earthquake prone parts of Japan." So, you're next then? (Weren't the Kobe and Niigata ones in places that were not that earthquake prone?)
  9. Looking back at the now reports for those times, wow it was awesome back then late December and early January wasn't it.
  10. IYHNNTSTSNAA - help! what is that? tried to work it out but without luck. My father was often the same 2pints. It used to annoy me so much.
  11. What's the deal with the earthquakes rahul-san? No major ones in the next few weeks?
  12. More like 15 I think. I thought he'd given up. Is he still with that guitarist who puts a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket on his head? I've been listening to some early Metallica recently.
  13. Going to take level 2. The only way I will pass is if lots of my guesses are incredibly lucky. I'll give it a good go though.
  14. Does that say what I think it says - toilet pics?? Nice one Bushpig. Good site that loversforall.
  15. Renting ski/board gear really seems such a waste to me. One guy I know went on a 4 day trip and with all the gear and wear and everything ended up spending close to 30,000 yen. When you think you come away with nothing at the end it seems a bit silly, especially when he plans to go more and be here a few years.
  16. Junior High School Assistant English Teacher Well done, I'm sure lots of people would want that post!
  17. Not finished for me I'm sure I'll get 4 or 5 more days in before it finishes, well I hope so anyway. Kusatsu, Kagura, Hakuba are the targets.
  18. Have you seen his Calorie Mate ads running through the train full of uniformed high-school girls? Quote: Superman has Jack Bauer pajamas.
  19. Yep! I think different areas have different dates but I'm off all of this week and start again next Tuesday.
  20. I speak mostly English, with some pretty poor Japanese thrown in there.
  21. You were cold?! Wow.... kinda good to hear I suppose I'm still hot where I am, but it's not as intense as it was which is a relief.
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