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  1. It's best watched after a high intake of alcohol. You can appreciate it then,
  2. No busier than they have been in the peak season, thats for sure. Right at the end it might get busy with people crowding into just a couple of places.
  3. Takasu in Gifu. We ended up not riding the slopes for a number of reasons. Still looked fairly decent though
  4. Yes, it's crap. Only for 'nostalgia reason' as my fine lady would say
  5. With news of this bummer new law where you need to get a Japanese license, what's your position?
  6. No I'm going to wait until January, because I think that December is for Christmas and New Years Eve.
  7. yeah, so true. Some Japanese look at you like your an alien ( ) if you start talking to them on the lifts. Gotta pick the right ones.
  8. Very few, that I know of. Mostly just flimsy pieces of paper, turning to pulp by the end of the day.
  9. Over use of "so desu ne" and people agreeing like imbociles on TV programs etc.
  10. Nice pics on the hakuba now page! just want to gET THERE!! link at top of page I reckon.,
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