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  1. It's A Wonderful World from 1939. Interesting watching really old movies.
  2. Not keen on myself, but I think I've only had cheap and rubbish stuff so perhaps I need to give it another go.
  3. She does the "duck lips/mouth" thing a lot, that seems so popular and "cute" now.
  4. Yes it's hopping from station to station as you move along.
  5. Never can get into strong tasting green tea. Like lots of the others though.
  6. Had some Sapporo Black label last night not had any of that for a long time. Was nice, more bitter than I remember. They don't seem to advertise that do they? I can't recall seeing any ads for it recently anyway.
  7. Is it true about the pool guys, Black Mountain? No exaggerating now please.
  8. My brother used to have a beetle. A green one. Before that, a 2VC. Quite a long time ago.
  9. I was going to say.... similar cuisine?
  10. The "kebab" i had in Japan was a piece of chicken, some lettuce, a bit of sauce... in some pitta(iful) bread.
  11. Want something that strong might as well go for wines or spirits. Beer for me perfect hovering around 5%.
  12. Six Million Dollar Man! Love the older series like that. Though, they seem so slow now compared to modern stuff.
  13. All sounds good to me. What's the membership fee for then?
  14. Got some of that Lotus biscuit spread thing.
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