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  1. That 160 million yen. That means that with a married couple, one of them dies and anything up to the value 160 million yen there's nowt to pay? I'm terrible with legal talk. All the odder considering it's all round me all day at work!
  2. I thought I'd hate them, but I don't. They're quite fun to watch.
  3. Hairy Bikers Asian Adventures Seen bits of Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea.
  4. Ah the beginning of the season. The time for optimism, dreams and new tv contracts.
  5. United sign Herrera and looks like Shaw is next. I expect them to be back up there coming season.
  6. Perhaps fed up of the baggage. Perhaps think he won't want to stay anyway. No doubt he'll be rewarded somehow though probably with a bumper package from RM.
  7. As proof of the bite, apart from just looking at the images of him doing the biting , can't they just take an impression of his teeth and the marks on the Italians shoulder and match them up?!
  8. Football ey? Does any other sport inspire such things on such a scale?!
  9. Is this causing a fuss over there? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TndQBmttOoQ Tokyo (CNN) -- Outrage is growing in Japan after lawmakers hurled sexist comments at an assemblywoman giving a speech this week about the need for more services for women. Male colleagues heckled Your Party member Ayaka Shiomura on Wednesday during a Tokyo assembly meeting. They interrupted her with comments urging her to get married and questioning whether she could bear children. Shiomura had taken the stage to urge the Tokyo Metropolitan government to increase efforts to support women. Citing recen
  10. Sounds like Japan strikers that. Enjoying the games as well. It always seems easier once England are knocked out somehow.
  11. Messi decided to score 66 minutes in.
  12. This probably sounds rubbish but.... Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Their 2 albums and tons of remixes, lent from a friend. Actually sounds really good lots of it.
  13. Pity they lost. Oh well. The Power of Dreams!
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