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  1. Sounds like the first part is best then, as you might expect it to be
  2. I didn't learn it, spent my time learning more useful things..........
  3. A cliche maybe, but pretty little kokeshi (?) dolls are quite popular.
  4. I seem to be sleeping less, never sleep before 1am and waking up around 6. No wonder I feel tired most of the time.
  5. Prioritising what to learn next, there is just so much of it!
  6. The sucking teeth? ??   Usually followed by a polite "no"?
  7. Think about the good things you can do with a video tape then will ya?
  8. Not being able to groom slopes well is unforgiveable for any resort.
  9. db you should take more care when you eat your toast and jam.
  10. You should really try to get out and try it. You'll never look back.
  11. Indosmn I can't imagine a warm/hot Christmas too.
  12. "The slopes are empty of people." ....from the Niseko Now page. What a waste!
  13. Passionate is a good word for it. I find myself laughing and smiling a lot when I watch him. Very likeable character.
  14. Who exactly is this echineko lass anyways?
  15. I wish I were over there. You've got a nice 'family' going on over there with this board. Ncie touch with the member pages and journals too. I wish there were something as sweet in the US.
  16. Acceptable, but definitely not the best. Nice fresh soft snow is always preferable.
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