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  1. They will be useful in our War On Terror, going against the Axis of Evil, trying to eliminate all those nasty Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  2. There are other threads on here somewhere about this but the easiest one is Yuzawa in Niigata and (less so) some places near Minakami in Gunma. Shoot up to Yuzawa in around 80 mins or so on the Shink or a couple of hours by car. Best resorts up there? Yuzawa? ....Kagura, Naeba, Iwappara, GALA, Ishiuchi Maruyama, etc Minakami? ....well, I thinking about it I think you're better off in Yuzawa.
  3. I am hoping to make a trip to Gifu in March (got some business that can tie in nicely with it).
  4. I found this on a US forum board, of all places: -------------------------- You know when you've been in Japan too long when.... ...you notice you've forgotten how to tie shoelaces. ...you rush onto an escalator and just stand there. ...you find yourself bowing while you talk on the phone. ...you think US$17 isn't such a bad price for a new paperback. ...you don't hesitate to put a $10 note into a vending machine. ...when you are talking on the telephone to your parents and your father says, "Why are you interrupting my explanation with grunts?" ...you see a ga
  5. Christmas in Japan sucks. The time of the year when I want to go back home-home most.
  6. This seems like as good a place as any to start. I've been skiing for 10 years and boarding for about 6.
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