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  1. Tried the slopes at Karuizawa. OK for a few hrs of skiing and particularly as it was the first time for the season. Good snow, well prepared slopes and most importantly NO crowds!!, secondly lucky getting a day w/clear blue sky!! tkhs db, I'll probably follow your advise to do Myoko Kogen next time when in that area. Saw it on distance while driving/passing by, looked great! Was also told by some local semi pros Manza is a well-worth choice.
  2. hi guys, thks for all very interesting input, going to echigo-yuzawa would now be an easy task with all those recommendations on hand. now, however, my business plan which I'm combining with a day of skiing is changed and takes me to the Nagano area, hence I need to redirect my plans, so it needs to something within easy access from any shinkansen stn, need to minimize transportation time, spend more time on the slopes. I've done Hakuda, have anyone of you been to like Karuizawa? or elsewhere in taht area?
  3. thks jambo-gyoza, yuzawa sounds a good alternative. now, reaching the stn by shinkansen which of the areas would you say is within easiest access. i would go there during the week, not weekend this time. what do u say? thks again!
  4. Hey you all out there.. Need to get out fr the city for some fresh air... Leave Tokyo early am and return late pm, by train or by car, now where is the GREAT place to go? Means easy access, good skiing (intermediate). OK, where?
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