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  1. I'd love to joing you on one of your trips, Toque. When is the next one planned? Kev
  2. Yes you can get them at the post office. Curious things they are. What use do they provide apart from someone getting 200 yen (or however much their value is)
  3. We've always found Arai to be really gaijin-friendly, Blair sure does his best to greet guests there and be available for them.
  4. We both got some new gear last weekend down in Kanda, there were some great deals on.
  5. Not Japanese of couese, but we do a good duet on Grease song.
  6. Get a friend to "invite" you to skyperfect and you'll get a discount or a few months free.
  7. Do many japanese sites have names like that? any good examples of major ones?
  8. The post office near us actually sells envelopes. Not a big selection but they do have them.
  9. Do you split up all your garbage properly and put it in the right places? We do of course but theres some real fools in our building that just seem to take no notice of it all and put things together. Really annoying.
  10. "I earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it," President Bush said in his first news briefing since winning re-election.
  11. We're going up to Shiga Kogen just before Christmas, then back home for New year.
  12. It's really scary thinking about it. We live in a fairly old place as well, most of the surrounding buildings are very old
  13. We saw that too, brought back a lot of memories here as well. I played the ONJ part in the school musical of Grease (It got rave reviews!) viv
  14. ....not counting snow resorts. Any good places to experience New Year in Tokyo / Yokohama region that anyone knows about? Thanks viv
  15. So, who will get the womens marathon? One of the 3 Japanese ladies, that UK lady or someone else unexpected. Looking forward to watching that one.
  16. We spent a couple of days with a family last week. We basically just ate well, drank well, had other friends round and went out for a morning to a big local shrine. A bit too busy for my liking, but a fun experience all the same.
  17. Nice one. I think it might be a chain of pubs, the I like The Slug & Lettuce as a name.
  18. We're going to be moving soon to a bigger place, one of the things we're noticing is how wildly the charges for car parking varies. Some places its included in the price - others up to 20000 yen a month for a space. If you pay, how much are you handing out (and what kind of place are you in?). It would be interesting to hear what other peoples deals are. Thanks!
  19. Tell us about the tornados. Where is back home?
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