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  1. Seriously, the kids around where I live seemed to have a full week off last week.
  2. I'm sure they know of course that the camera is not working but I have sent them an email that we need our monkey goodness.
  3. Anyone see the Firefox tv series? Great stuff. Well if you liked that try Serenity the movie that came out after. Also great stuff.
  4. Call me mad. I actually prefer using IE. Not that it really matters to me. [/end-un-nerdiness]
  5. You can buy globes of Edam online for a few thousand.
  6. I have never been to Kusatsu but would like to. A Japanese friend of mine loves that place. I reckon it might not get as many "votes" in the giveaway
  7. Interesting MikePow. It was Indo that said 90% I think. Perhaps in jest
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