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  1. How do you rate Japan for recycling? I think it's good the way the garbage is split up - I know back home and in the UK it isn't done like that... everything just put in together.
  2. We went ahead and ordered and really pleased we did. It's all loaded up now and not noticing it being slow at all.... working just fine. And the screen is great! Good buy I think.
  3. Well don't need a dvd burner - have one of those in PC No 1
  4. Just got some direct mail from Dell and I am really surprised at how cheap desktops are now. 59980 yen and you get: 19 inch monitor 512 MB Celeron 325 (256KB cache, 2.53ghz) 80GB CDRW/DVD Is that a good a deal as it sounds?
  5. Here's an article of interest. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4276242.stm
  6. I'm increasingly using Japanese at work as it gets better than their English, kev speaks English.
  7. Well my feet get cold real quick and so I always put on thick socks. Thats one of the things I don't like about the winter.... cold feet. There should be some special warmed up boots on the market that keep them warm
  8. We're thinking of going up to Niseko this time to see what the fuss is all about but we want to avoid crowds as much as possible - but have decent snow conditions. Any tips on when might be a good time to go? Maybe just after New Year? Luckily we are quite flexible with our main holidays this comingwinter. thanks
  9. Not having a strong regional accent helps too. Obviously its not something you can change quickly.
  10. I think it's called "Growing Up" sunrise, we love it.
  11. Peter Gabriel, Up tour is excellent.
  12. I have seen a pet shop called "Dog Poo"
  13. We had some tickets booked but not yet 100% confirmed, and got a similar call from the travel agency people this week. They said that if we confirmed the tickets and got them issued, they need not ask for this extra extra charge. So that's what we did. If we had not confirmed the flights, we'd have had to pay 3500 yen each on top of what we had already paid.
  14. I don't mind make up as long as it's not plastered on. Prettiness withot makeup is hard to beat though
  15. The Orange, I've sent you a PM - someone we know down where you are that might help out your feet!
  16. Viv does make some terrific bread. Her mother used to own a bakery back home and so taught her all the tricks. Been to Hillside Pantry a few times, you live near there slow?
  17. I'm really into baking bread at the moment, every weekend it's like a bakery here. The current favorites are sausage bread, potato/onion/bacon with cheese bread, and anko bread. Been making some donuts as well. The smell when it's baking is just lush!
  18. kev's really busy with work this summer, so I'm going home for 1 week on my own. Then we'll be back together for Christmas hopefully. Thats the plan anyway.
  19. We must be a bit older than you guys, can't go on all day without a rest and if it's really cold like to be inside. An hour or so with some food is a good break.
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