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  1. I worry about what the hell I'm doing here and what I'll be doing in the next few years and beyond.
  2. Come up with a cunning dumping plan, then dump her with great drama.
  3. How about having a wooden keyboard Only $5000+ (woodcontour.com)
  4. Check out the vid http://www.speedski.com/movies/HarryEgger.mpg
  5. I was flicking through the channels last night and came to one channel BBC World I think it was and they had this program on about "speed skiing". It was showing you these absolute nutters who find a very steep mountain, then build an extra run at the top that is steeper still - and ski down the thing, with speeds of up to 150mph (in 15 seconds)! Nuts they were, showed you one guy wiping out and it looked uncomfortable to say the least! Just did a search and found this, check out the gear they use http://www.speedski.com/
  6. Not spent as much as I thought I would but it's still a fair bit. Getting there is the biggest expense.
  7. Me too. I threatened them with a very angry mail (in Japanese) and the mails seemed to stop after that. Other than that one instance I've bought from rakuten a few times with no problems or complaints.
  8. You can do it by post I think rach, it takes about 10 days. Ask at the embassy. Or, check this out http://www.uknow.or.jp/be_e/consular/passport/index.htm
  9. On the subject of long hair. On the way to work this morning I saw this Japanese woman with long long hair down to her butt. It was incredible, not stragly like you might think with hair long but thick shiny and ..... you just wanted to touch it. She was one hot lady, everyone was looking. I like long hair.
  10. http://www.nhl.com/ Anyone actually care?
  11. Which helmet cam does he have...took some good coverage there
  12. I just make sure I don't - never overeat and do exercise. Simple really.
  13. Blob Wars is good http://www.fetchfido.co.uk/games/blob_wars/blob_wars.htm
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