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  1. I want girls boarding day out in January next winter with some of people here. Let's go?!
  2. It's nice picture, but funny ! hah. I'n not too liking nikuman, I prefer anko beans inside it.
  3. Is it feeling more cool for you now where you are? It feels a little better for me, but still very hot some days. I'm tired of it. How do you say, fed up?
  4. It is the biggest and busiest place there is rach. Did you not know that?
  5. There are so many good bar to go to. It is difficult to say where to go. But I like great bar in Happo when winter, near the slope real fun.
  6. I am not in Hong Kong, but went there 3 times for vacation (and SHOPPING!!)
  7. Before my boyfriend once try to make beard for laugh, but it took so long - maybe he couldn't . How long does it take for you, beard people?
  8. I sometimes go in Fukushima in winter too. I hope to ride with some ski Japanguide people in next winter.
  9. CONGRATULATIONS Mr Cheeseman!
  10. I'm interested in these terrible mullet haircut style. It's so funny.
  11. I can't sleep well at all, so surt the internet right now My taip - iroiro, but in Japanese it must be kimutaku he is so sexy
  12. I saw it last night and apart from special effect I didn't really enjoy it so much I am looking forward to shagaderic Austin Powers!
  13. I had a month working at a busy 7-11. It was hard work for little money and I did not enjoy it at all.
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