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  1. What is the point of those counters where you go to print out your boarding ticket? Staff there to help everyone, no space, a queue there instead of where it used to be, no formal lines but a mess of people and bags, ad you cat 'escapes' once you done yours, Then, you go to the baggage drop off, just like before, and queue up there too. I don't get it.
  2. Been doing a lot of jogging recently. 20km three times a week. Used to play rugby but the team was dismantled so that was the end of that!
  3. Always bad to hear that kind of thing of course. Had to cancel a week myself, my mate went down ill and it really buggered things up.
  4. Considering Japanese like fishy stuff so much, why are the tins of tuna here so laughably small?
  5. Do other stuff when there's no snow... surfing, bike riding, walking. The thing I like most about snowboarding is snow.
  6. Yes they we discussing this on the tv this morning. Not covered in normal insurance - accommodation, food, transport, communications....
  7. I have been to both Niseko and Hakuba this season. Saw the worst behaviour in Hakuba. 3 fights in a night in Echoland. Blood apparent. I don't want to go back, it felt like Roppongi., except without the good bits of that place. Actually didn't see anything bad really in Niseko, just people having a good time.
  8. On the news this morning they were going on about yellow sand forecast for lots of parts of Japan. I thought that was a spring problem? I sure hope we don't have yellow tinged snow during the winter months.....
  9. Looks like a dog my family had many years ago
  10. Green Mile. I liked it not as much as Shawshank, but I did like it. Apart from the mouse.
  11. And on US amazon sales have gone up (?) 2500% (or something to do with the rankings) DS owners - what games you got?
  12. Seems I didn't vote first time round! Fixed.
  13. My cameraman friend now uses both - not sure which for which occasion....
  14. Trivial irritation - been mentioned before I'm sure but people eating loudly in the cinema and rustling paper/wrappers. Drives me nuts.
  15. The name of a recording studio in Burnley. Bet no-one guessed that one!
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