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  1. Metabo-San, I don't know the answer to that....could you perhaps show me the Japanese writing for each of those? Thank you.
  2. Not cheap to change all the lights to LED, but apart from the long life is there a noticeable change in use of electricity if I change them all? Anyone with observations?
  3. Is that 2nd photo on part of the Shinkansen concrete, muika?
  4. I know there's earthquake insurance, but is there also volcano insurance? Or do things like that come under the same policies?
  5. Stupid question but what makes something... prefab?
  6. I gathered that. There's a big difference being in a jam down in Saitama and up in Minakami.
  7. About defining resort, don't we just mean skijo. If a resort has to be a certain size, we'd probably be down to 100, not 500!
  8. Big question is. If it indeed has so much potential, why was it not developed when more money than sense was being thrown about.
  9. When I first started out I spent a whole season with ill-fitting boots and not putting them on correctly. I just didn't know. It was a relevation when someone helped me that second season and I got some decent boots that fit me well.
  10. I live in Japan. Does not equal 'USA', so obviously I do not live in the greated nation on earth.
  11. Me too. Just not interested. I suppose one day if I buy a new computer I might be forced to.... will they keep selling Windows 7 machines?
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