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  1. I'd love to have something like the Suzuki 650 or Kawasaki and get on them there mountain roads.
  2. Can someone tell me what 'stereotype' is in Japanese?
  3. Enjoyed that. Good to see Harry and Paul still making stuff.
  4. Never thought about it properly
  5. Don't you just love the "workmen" gear that they all wear here. Is there a shop or supplier it all comes from coz it often looks the same.
  6. 極ZERO it is called. Tastes awful.
  7. I like it when we enter rainy season but the weathers clear and beautiful before and after few days.
  8. Another question. Would would get more carnavi for your money if you bought it seperately, compared with buying an official option from the dealer/maker?
  9. Here's my carnavi/audio question.... presumably, they are all made to the same size, or at least are able to fit into the holes in the cars?
  10. Banks (nothing specific....everything) Post Office (nothing specific....everything)
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