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  1. This is unreal. These rule are designed to deter refugee and its is just not the UK making new immigration laws. The real reason for this mass migration of people is the economical state of their home countries they are fleeing. It is the western societies that cause this refugee problem. Now they do not want to take any responsibility for their very poor decision to invade Iraq, Afghanistan. Supporting Israeli and cheering from the sideline, giving support for the Spring offensive in the name of western democracy. Do you know that the UK are still honouring over 200 arms contract to Russia af
  2. With new Apple devices iCloud will not download pirated files from your old iPhone or Mac and it will blocks any attempts if your try manually. I heard on the news about a bloke being refuse enter into Australia because he had pirated files on has iPhone. If you can afford a iPhone you can afford the pay for media content.
  3. You only get problems with Apple and Mac product is when you download from third parties site ( free app,s and free live streaming and music), trying to save on money. I have been a Mac and iPhone user for four years. My Macbook air and iPhone has pay for itseft from the saving of not having the pay for any anti virus product. I have not had one problem with any my apple products. If you actually understand how Mac and Apple software works you would not buy anything else. Unless some one else can better system.The simplest way to explain Apple software is like this. Your house is your compute
  4. Yesterday we went to the new Gorzilla. It was very very funny. Gorzilla is the hero of the movie and save the world from Moto1 and Moto 2. This time the show down happened in San Francisco so Tokyo tower did not get smashed this time. It look like the the Moto,s were going to do in Gorzilla but he gain the upper hand with a huge tail swipe which put pay to The smaller Moto1. Then he turn his attention to The bigger Moto2. Gorzilla pulled his best move on Moto2 by grabbing Moto2 head and pulling moto2 mouth apart and sends a blasting stream of flames down Moto2 throat. BBQing Moto2 from the in
  5. My girlfriend sit on 130 km when I am kipping with one eye open. 120km when I am awake. I travel about 10 to 20 km faster then what the truck are travelling at. I usually drive during the night because of the amount of truck on the tollways. My girlfriend drive during the day when there is less truck on the tollways.
  6. To avoid the capital gain tax the wealthy people have the property is their Company name. The company owner dies but the Company does not so their is no exchange of the property title. The company do pay tax yearly on the appreciation but its is written of by the cost of maintaining the property. If the Company folds the ower will change the property title way before the poo hit the fan into the name of non-working family member, usually the youngest student in the family , avoiding the capital gains tax again.
  7. Yes they drive a Big Black Toyota. My girlfriend refers to them has the Black Ninjas
  8. No your totally mistaken Pies. The toilet did not get clean so the company terminated his contact and replace him with a female head chef the following day. No censing nor apologies were required.
  9. Sexual Discrimination in Japan is common place and I have witness it quite often and dealt with it mediately. When I first started work here I witness a the Japanese chef balling out female supervisor. I try to question the chef about the problem but he could only speak his native tongue. I then ask the supervisor, who could speak english what the problem was about. She told me that the toilet was dirty and the chef was very up set about it and demand that she clean the toilet. I told her not to clean it and that I would get the cleaners in the morning to see that it cleaned daily. After ques
  10. Scaple the surface of the area you are tiling with a pneumatic scalping tool or scalping tool and hammer. Lay a few coats of bondcrete. This will give you a good surface for adhesiving your tiles. To avoid pooling, lay 50 mm cover of concrete with 5mm arg at fall of 100 to 1ratio ( 10mm for every 1000mm ). allow 24 hour to go off. Start laying your tiles using a good adhesive glue. Bed each tile firmly to avoid drummy tiles.
  11. The Japan Meteorological Agency this week forecast a 70 percent chance El Nino will occur, the highest since its last occurrence in 2009, bringing lower temperatures that could continue through autumn. Dai-ichi Life Research Institute economist Toshihiro Nagahama sees a risk that cooler weather could reduce growth by as much as 0.9 percentage point in the third quarter. “We can’t rule out the potential that the El Nino this summer causes unexpected damage to Japan’s economy,” Nagahama said. “This could affect the decision to raise the sales tax from October next year as the growth rate in
  12. Kanko = Sightseeing or tour / kanko basu = sightseeing bus or tour bus / kanko ressha = sightseeing train or tour train kanko kyaku = tourist or sightseer
  13. The Shuttle will take you from Escal, Iimori, 47, Happo, Iwtake and Tsugaiki to any resort via the info centre from 8.00am to 10.30am and start the same service again at 1.30 pm for half day ticket holders wanting to get back to there Hotel. Or for those wanting a late start .If you don,t like the resort you have chosen to ski that day, catch a taxis which are plentfull between the time of 10.30am and 1.30 pm at the the resorts which are part of the All Mountain lift pass system.
  14. I wouldn,t know of the two which is worst. I have claged out knees. To keep my knee in good shape I have taking advice from two Physio. Leah from Hakubar and Rachel from my home town. Both say bike riding build up your Quads which strengthens the upper legs. This help to lessen the compounding issues which occur in skiing and Boarding. I also invested in a pair of CTI knee bracing which prevent over extension.
  15. I tip lifties with chocolates (Kit-Kats). I never have cash on me when I hit the slopes
  16. I always tip at full service fuel station. Them men and women work hard and in the freezing conditions
  17. That sounds brilliant, John-San. I hope they haven't sold the 1900 fireman helmet before I get there. dou itashimashita
  18. kokusai = international . Martin's concise Japanese Dictionary
  19. There is a 2 shops worth a visit in Otari. There is a Pastry shop which sells great pastries and breads and bread rolls. Plus there is a second hand shop with great collectables to choose from. I make i a point to drop in each time I drive pass. It has array of old japanese items from taxidermy of local wild life to early 1900 fireman helmet. It is my favourite shop in the hakuba valley area
  20. For some of us, it all about quality not quantity. There are comment of about how much snow February received. When you have lived in Japan for years and work in the snowsport industry you prefer the big dump to coincide with no crowds. I had both when I went boarding on the 10th and the19th. Both days were totally epic with 1 meter plus of powder with no crowds. I only had two days off in Feburay and both were the 10th and the 19th. The 19th was the best ever I had boarding. Yes February was poor for but I will always remember the 19th of Feb 2014 at Norikura. Last year January had a 10 day p
  21. I agree with you U-Tan. On the 19 of Feb I had the top run at Norikura to myself. 1meter plus of fresh to about 11.00am. The best ever powder day I had. Then I had both side of Sumtomi ridge to myself for the rest of the day.
  22. What is this about poor snow in February. I have never had so much snow. I got snow in at Tokyo station two times. The 6th and the 15th. I got done by a avalanche while driving from Matsomoto to Takayama on the 9th. I had my best powder day ever on my birthday 19th. Were these people complaining about the snow actually in Japan? It dump snow in Takayama 5 times in Apirl but February was the best condition Takayama has had in a decade.
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